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Skincare: I Started Off This Year With Beryl Body Oil!

Now a huge “cheers to that to me!”. I’m finally kicking off one of my skincare goals!

So, I promised to take care of my skin especially my face this year and i have taken the first steps. I purchased a product on STORE.KAMDORA.COM and I didn’t regret my choice at all.

I have heard how effective natural oils are to the body and I decided to give it a try. At first I had a little confusion with either buying a body butter or body oil but the latter was more affordable in terms of cash.


The Beryl body oil contains ALmond oil, Avocado oil,carrot oil,coconut oil,grapeseed oil,glycerin and fragrance. As light as the almond oil, coconut oil, carrot oil and grapeseed oil are, it lasts long on the skin. It penetrates easily and has a lovely fragrance.

I started using it as soon as the harmattan popped out from nowhere and it has never left my skin dry or crackly. I only use it at night just because i have an oily face and if i wash my face at night,I use the tip of my finger to dab on it.

The glycerin is the major reason why I  purchased the body oil  and it’s function is used to treat many oily skin conditions, like acne,skin infections, wrinkles and fine lines. Glycerin attracts moisture onto your skin which is why it is considered a humectant. … Glycerin in lotions or other skin care products can help prevent or combat dry skin.

I have used it for two weeks and it feels really good on my skin. It leaves my skin shiny and lasts for a whole day. However, I feel that using so much oil on one’s skin attracts dirt that’s why I try to wash and reapply at night.

Do you feel the same way as well? Have you tried the Beryl body oil? Let’s talk in the comment section.


I Chose A Pyjamas Top & Styled It At The GTB Fashion Weekend!

This post is long overdue but it has to be written!



The Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the five-star commercial banks in Nigeria. They are known for their CSR and recently, their contribution to building Small & Medium Enterprise in the Food industry and the fashion industry.

Just in its second year of carrying out this project, this year turned out to be so much fun and aesthetically pleasing! Unlike the previous GTBank Fashion Weekend last year, there were props, clean mobile toilets and a spacious event centre. There was the Pop Up Sales stores by different Nigerian brands in the building and outside and the prices were relatively affordable.

I wanted the Masterclasses but managed to attend one-The Vanessa Kingori Class. She’s the New British Vogue Publisher. There was a lot to learn from her. 

I couldn’t have gone alone duh..I went with my partner-in-crime (@wanshygirl) and we had as much fun as possible. If I could I would drop all the pictures here! Also, I met a friend I hadn’t seen for 15 years! 

See details below!





It was a FRUGA-WANDER-kinda journey, we hopped from a BRT bus, Keke Napep to trekking! What a life!





Met my childhood friend I hadn’t seen for 15 solid years. She’s now a vlogger (@nubiaqween). How time flies!



I decided to rock the pyjamas trend just because it was a big trend earlier this year and haven’t even tried it. Pjs can be in floral prints, cotton or silk but best worn or styled in silk. I paired it up with a slim-fit denim with some Parisian vibe! I also loved the Graphic tee and culottes Ebun styled herself in!

Outfit details:

Top: PJs top 

Pants: Denim

Shoes: White Mountain shoes

There’s A Social Media Influencer Academy For Bloggers In Italy!

Hey guys,

As much as this news is quite exciting, my bank account hasn’t been smiling to afford a degree in Italy. Conde Nast just launched their digital academy in Italy called the Social Academy where digital influencers will get certified.


People don’t understand the underestimation by brands that fashion bloggers/fashion influencers face especially here in Nigeria. That is about to change! Fashion influencers, beauty influencers, digital influencers will now have a certificate like a normal profession. How cool is that?

According to WWD,  The main purpose of the initiative is to teach the correct way to use social media, which focuses on quality content and respect for ethical standards. These include being specific about advertised posts and managing the number of followers and likes with transparency. 

The school programmes begin in November and will be the first digital influencer school in Italy to offer such privileges to a new generation of bloggers or content creators.

I’m screaming with excitement!!

Must Read: My Thoughts On the Book- 29, Single & Nigerian!

I wrote my thoughts down on Kamdora but I’m willing to share her because I can’t type twice. LOL

22221008_136009933697782_1241294446746664960_nTake a seat please, you are in for a rollercoaster ride!

When I first saw this book, 29, Single & Nigerian on Instagram I had a clear idea of what I was expecting from this book. Being a 20-something and living in Nigeria has its perks and definitely the scary parts.

29, Single & Nigerian gives a relatable experience of every “20-something” year old Nigerian woman. From her experiences, while growing up, her NYSC experience, her endless job hunt as a fresh graduate and her love life. As complicated as things got, Edikan rose to fame through her gory experience.

As a “20-something” year old, there are expectations from even the tiniest part of the society-Family about your life. While some have gone through these pressures and come out victorious others have let the pressures consume them.

Edikan Umana, is the main character in the book. Her life as a 29-year-old is full of battles from every step of her journey to freedom, independence, and self-acceptance. Edikan has been the “victim of circumstances” but she finds her way through it at every point in time.

When a 29-year-old writes “I wondered how I was going to pick up the pieces of my life. 29, unemployed, unmarried, homeless, no source of income and almost broke save for the money I had in my account..” you wonder how a woman got to such a stock up situation and to worsen it all in Lagos! the most unfriendliest environment.

Edikan being the second daughter of her parents has always been brilliant and strived for excellence in her studies. Like most poverty-stricken home, there are lots of circumstances from the inability of one’s parents to sponsor one’s education to poor feeding, lack of good friendship, prying eyes and ” yammerings” of neighbours. It doesn’t end there, if the poor situation of things continues, the parents are bound to “share” the children to other people who can take care of them.

This was Umoh (Edikan’s sister’s) situation but Edikan was the “sacrificial lamb. She felt strong enough to live with her Anty Agnes. Her decision to live with her changed her notion about boys, religion, relationship etc. 


I was definitely not going to skip this part! It is not expected that a 29-year-old isn’t married in a society like ours. There would be family pressures and general pressures from the society one lives in. One cannot escape the gossips, hardships, struggles of being single. Men would always want to take advantage of such women.

Edikan has not had the sweetest experiences when it came to love. She never met a man who didn’t want sex from her apart from Ifeanyi who wanted a relationship with her but she rejected him most of the times. Edikan was “raped” (refer to page 87) by Austin, was romantically involved with Nathan (a younger guy she met in camp), she was almost raped by Chuka (a “good Samaritan”), her virginity was taken by George and she “curved” Ifeanyi.

Her parents tried to betroth her to Ndufreke but In all of these, she came out strong thanks to her friend Bibi who had been her friend through the storms of life.


Bibi is an epitome of true friendship- a friend that is by your side through thick and thin. In Bibi, she found solace, strength, energy and motivation. She found a new strength to overcome her circumstances. Without the presence of BIbi, Edikan would probably not have gone this far.


There is always light at the end of the tunnel they say, Edikan’s journey had been bitter-sweet but this time it was going to be sweeter. The beam of hope shone when Ifeanyi (who she had always rejected) proposed that she made her diary into a book. First off, she learnt how to reconnect to God and started her journey afresh.

29, Single and Nigerian is a must read!!


Don’t allow the pressures from family to get you to marry hurriedly.

Even if you are VIRGIN even at 50, never be pressured to have sex, never be desperate. You alone should be comfortable in your decision to be a virgin and when it’s the right time you feel like being intimate, do it the right way (my opinion).

Everything will work out fine, just keep pushing!

As for rapists, men who take advantage of women, your punishment is coming sooner for you.

If opportunity doesn’t present itself, be the opportunity!


The author of the book remains anonymous but still widely read among people. 

Accessory: Retro Casio Watch WR10M & Casio Gents Digital Sports Watch for N2,500 At Obalende Market!

casio watch

Enough said about retro shirts, retro shoes, bags what about other accessories like watches?

If you read my article about my summer gifts which included a Jessica Carlye watch (which I lost while hustling for a bus to the office), it made me go back to my Casio silver watch. Then again I had to buy another Casio but of course thrifting!

Watches may not really be in trend the way clothes, shoes and bags are but it’s an important accessory that needs to be carried around. If you notice quite well, people of class and style wear Casio- FACT!

I personally can’t do without a watch, it makes my wrist feel NAKED!

The retro watch making a huge comeback is the CASIO watch and I have been obsessed for 3 years. Although Daniel Wellington wrist watch wanted to take over but Casio has some qualities I rather stick to.

Some retro watches you must have known while growing up are;

  2. G-SHOCK

At least I’m that old to remember those..lol

Things you don’t know about Casio Watches:

  1. G-Shock is a line of watches manufactured by Casio, designed to resist mechanical shock and vibration. Its full form is Gravitational Shock
  2. Even Baby G watches are made by Casio companies
  3. Other Casio products are; cash registers, hand terminals, projectors, pianos, digital cameras and label printers.
  4. The Casio batteries last up to 10years (ah..long enough to meet my first child)
Casio watch
Casio watches (WR10m and Casio Gents)

I went online for a new Casio watch as a “big girl” that I am, only to find out that that one-time “mallam watch” of a Casio watch price ranges from N6,500- N35,000 !. Nooo…I wasn’t  having it and neither was my bank account at the moment. I resolved thrifting and found two Casio retro watches I’m gonna keep rocking for life! 

I found the Casio WR10M and the Casio Gents’ Digital Sports Watch (black) which in total costs N2,500 (uhuh…say that again) when I could have spent N18,500 altogether! (Lucky me)


casio wr10m

Processed with VSCO with  preset


casio gents

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Find out prices of Casio watches here!

Place I bought it: Obalende (Under Bridge)

What other retro watches did I not mention, Pls share in the comment section. Let’s make this a 90s kids affair!


Xoxo, till Tuesday for a fresh new post!

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Stripes X Retro Skirt Post (#OOTD: Styling Stripes On A Retro Floral SKirt!)

Yaba Market Haul (Yaba Market Haul: N7,000 Tough Leather Bags!)


Two Nigerian Fashion Brands I’m Swooning Over!

Nigerian fashion industry is the next big thing to boost the economy. The fashion industry as it is now is meeting the international standards. Out of the many rising brands, I find a few that tickles my fancy!

I’m not all out for the brands that have made it to the top but brands that are on their way there. Let’s dive in!


I find this brand very interesting. I love everything about their collection at the LFDW (Lagos Fashion Design Week). What attracts you to their brand is the print patterns or what seems like “tribal” inscriptions on the fabric. By this alone, you know a RE LINE brand when you see it. 

I love the story behind the collection, it’s a bit of androgyny but still soft and playful. Their style is quite simple, comfortable, cool and chic. For the active woman, you get something of comfort and class and for the man on the move, there is something contemporary, neat and classy.

The colour combination is everything! From soft pastel colours to bright and bold colours. I love everything about this brand and I see them flying high! Take a look at some of the designs!

Credit: Instagram (@ré.lagos)


I can simply say if you love corporate fashion and still want to look cool in them, then Erilyn by Temitope is your go-to brand for that. I love the concept behind every piece especially when she combines African print fabrics with plain fabrics.

Her style is definitely modern classic fashion and it’s timeless too!. Throwback to the time she styled Ozinna Anumudu in a print-on-print classic style. Absolutely on point! I have been looking forward to the day I’d wear an Erilyn fabric. Let me stick to the ones I can afford for now…LOL. Did you also know she recently extended her brand to the kids. It’s called ERILYN KIDS.


Easy Peasy With Matching Pastel Colours!

img-20170105-wa0005Pastels are soft colours, basically connotes the beginning of summer or announcing the summer season. Pastels are light weighted- I mean they are friendly to the eyes when looked upon. The colours are; dusty blue, dusty lilac, dusty orange, mint, pale pink etc.

How I styled my denim shirt (faded) and a pastel pink pleat skirt.

I basically wanted a cool chic look by combining these two colours simply because the skirt is so cute! The colour is absolutely soft and the pleats were well defined.

I did a bit of DIY and cut off the pleat (to a midi sized skirt)  to give it this chic look. I decided to complete things up by rocking a matching jelly sandals to the look and accessorized with my layered choker.

Be fearless in matching two different pastel colours and remember to keep things minimal because less is more!

SO ladies, explore your creativity with matching pastels!img-20170105-wa0006




With Love,

Lazy outfitter!

Blogging 101: Taking You Though My Blogging Journey Part 2.

You can check the first part of this post just in case you missed it (Click here). 

One of my best picture collages since I started blogging…

Other names that were instrumental to my blogging then were, Bamidele Michael (we would talk about different entertainment gist, I even put up my article on his gig (ShugaLounge.blogspot.com). Another guy, I wouldn’t forget in a haste is Lanre Akinpelu. I met Kemi Filani one of the famous entetainment bloggers at one of the organisations I interned with and Finally, I left entertainment blogging to the OGs because it was affecting my CGPA (I need to please papa with a First class)

I took a really long break and just about graduation, when the Instagram hype was too intense, I decided to upgrade my gadget, got addicted to IG and loved all the fashion stuff I saw on there and I thought of having my own blog name.


I’d say fashion bloggging picked me. My Area of specialisation was PR & ADVERTISING but guess what all the organisations I tried to intern with, didn’t give me a chance (Their loss). I grew up with the machines and needles and fabrics and I guessed it rubbed off on me. I’m quite artsy (got that from my original mama) and had a taste in my own choice of clothes. If my mum made me a dress with puffy sleeves (I’d rejected it). I wasn’t ungrateful but it’s that fashion thing going on…


bloggerMy very first fashion blogger influencer is  CASSANDRA IKEGBUNE. I met her at a film festival Lights Camera Action in my 400l and we just chatted a bit. I don’t know if she can remember. She gave me her card and I looked her up on IG and voila! my love for fashion blogging grew-Thanks Cassie.

You must have read the double doze post I had with WANSHYGIRL (Double Dose: All Black x Colour Pop). We had been colleagues at the uni and we only bonded well just few weeks to graduating. How I wish we bonded well before then, we would have blown in this blogging sturv.. She introduced me to Desola Mako whom I have been a loyal follower ever since. Dear Dee I wanted to tell you in person to be my blogger mentor, I still need to know some parole…I loved Desola’s style, as soon as I clicked follow, I knew i’d be addicted to that page, her pose, style, outfit just almost everything!

I followed some other bloggers Ranti Onayemi Blanchard Mirabel Osuji, Grace Alex, Princess Audu,Ada Oguntodu aka StylebyAda ( I still keep following more) and here I am, thanking these people!Words will not be enough to say how much they influenced me in this blogging game and see how far I have come. I could say I’m grateful to God I didn’t quite and I have done a good job so far. There’s still more to come and I’m still searching deeper because Bloggers are the next big thing in the business environment.

I know you would ask about my blog- The next post would be on how I finally settled for THE LAZY OUTFITTER as a permanent blog name. 



Processed with VSCO
Me day-dreaming about having #myhousehuntwahala solved!

Since hustle has doubled up as a Lagos-born and raised resident, I just got myself a new job on the Lekki-Penninsula area of Lagos! someone would start screaming now- babe, you are now a big girl,lucky you!

#MyHouseHuntWahala became vivid to me when I started wasting a huge percentage of my salary on transportation alone. As a working class lady, I’m supposed to be enjoying the mere fact that I see other beautiful parts of Lagos, buy trendy clothes (as per being a fashion blogger), shoes, perfumes, invest etc..my life just sucked one more time!

Since transportation was the bottle-neck of my expenses, I decided to squat with a colleague or friend or rent an apartment (at least that would be cheaper) but I would still pay rent either ways. You know you would be a liability if you don’t pay rent!

Another factor that triggered my having an apartment was the fact that I had to be completely independent of my parents (you see, living with your parents especially as a female could be nice but very distracting!). That is when they know that you need to bring your boyfriend home to settle bride price. I have indeed suffered..lol!

Is it the lateness to work, the struggle for private car transportation from Lekki to the mainland, the terrible body odour you get from sweaty passengers on a traffic-infested bridge,the fuel price hike and not hanging out with friends after work that has given me a heartache on the house hunt in Lagos?

What else have I not experienced that would make me not hop on sites like ToLet.com to help me with this house issue because those so-called house agents could be quite funny and not give you what you want. I have decided to end this house hunt journey once and for all so my life can make more sense with ToLet.Com. (click on the link to know how

Do you have a house hunt issue ladies, let’s hear it!

Processed with VSCO
Me, happy about #myhousehuntwahala solved by ToLet.com!

Trends: Laid Back On Velvet x Vintage

2016-06-21 03.20.37 1-1.jpgHi guys! It’s a beautiful week and I trust yours is going well😉

A whole lot has been going on lately and I’m trying to find my inner strength *sighs*

I’m a big lover of oversized shirts and velvet so I thought I’d be really awesome to match my micro floral vintage shirt and velvet dress .

Velvets are a really cool way of bringing out your feminity. I love the coziness and softness that comes along with it. I decided to be bit “quirky”/ take a little risk by matching my good ‘ol brown stripes socks on it😉.

Do share your thoughts on it!

Processed with VSCO

2016-06-21 03.25.14 1.jpg

2016-06-21 03.29.24 1.jpg


I play too much!..My full cheeks tho😆