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#Tuesdayshoesday: My White Mountain Block Heeled Shoes Are To Die For!

Call me “Miss-stacking-up-good shoes” I might just nod a little bit! LOL!

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I’m currently listening to CHER- DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE!

There are some shoe brands you just don’t know they exist which are pretty good in quality as well. Momma gifted me these blocked heels and I couldn’t be any happier! I fell in love instantly.

I have always been the jelly, brogue, boots and footwear kinda chic but recently I needed to look a bit more mature/girly and some height needs to be added to my 5ft 3inches length as a human.

“I’m down to earth like that..lmfao! Sometimes when I dress up and complete my look with jellies or brogues I just had that feeling of ” I look like I’m still in uni”. Heels have a way of making you look older, more girly if I should say, so I decided to try out these White Mountain block heels and from the look of things it’s gonna be around for a long while!

Did you ever feel like wearing brogues, footwear, jellies made you feel less “mature” in look?




Shoe brand: White Mountains


5 Shades Of COOL From The Met Gala!

It’s Mother’s day today!! I’m wishing every woman (moms and soon-to-be-moms) a happy mother’s day!. It definitely would bite me if I didn’t do a post on the Met Gala . As you all know that this month  is a special month for me (my birth month), this month is like a celebration month because, there are other holidays coming ahead!

The first Monday of this month (May,2) held the hottest party ever!!, yess, the Met Gala!. This year’s theme, Manus and Machina: Fashion In The Age of Technology featured futuristic outfits, craziest hairdos, “glowing outfit in the dark”,the Balmain celebrities, Lady Gaga’s sky high military boots etc. But I would zero in on the “cool” celebrities at the Met Gala. The combo of street style and futuristic fashion and I give these celebs a thumbs up! They nailed it!!!

Here are my cool celebs picks at the Met Gala;


Selena Gomez rocks it in her polka dot dress and latex vest with a pair of matching combat boots!( i love,love!). She does it chic and totally cool in her sleek ponytail and soft make up. Selena is sure bringing some chic-cool vibes for my post!


alicia vikander
Oscar winner, Alicia Vikander

I fell in love with Alicia Vikander after seeing the movie The man from UNCLE. She has been an A-gamer on her red carpet appearances. She’s wearing a multi- colored asymmetrical hemline dress. It features a combo of four different fabrics. The shoulder to burst features a gold sequin fabric and a red latex vest,waist to thigh features a black piece (to the right) and a sequined piece with white undertones (to the left). She definitely looks like a futuristic female roman soldier!

Taylor Swift 

T.S ! Like I call her is just one word for me..The cool goth gurl!! She is wearing a silver snake skin mini dress with cut-outs by the sides and a pair of matching lace up heels. I absolutely love T.S’s outfit! It’s got the triple layers which adds the “umph” and fun to the dress and those heels girl,they could cause some real bad blood for em haters!


I had to zoom a zillion times to  have a good look at Ciara’s outfit  hair. It’s breath taking and jaw dropping. Silver never looked so good!. She is wearing a glittering gunmetal patterned outfit and a well “facebeat” face to prove she could be the storm goddess!.


Michael  Kors sure knows how to kill it in red carpet gowns and Zendaya made it to my list!!. I love my home gurl on the red carpets! Zendaya is wearing a gold, mono sleeve dress by M.K. Her retro bow cut hair is everything!. Zen’s hair gives me the “trend feeling”

"Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala - Outside Arrivals

My favourite coolest Met Gala look is ZAYN MALIK!! he is no doubt my WIN, sorry ladies! I guess you could call him “Knight and shiny armor”.

So,which of the coolest met gala look is your favourite, let’s hear it 


D.I.Y: Scarf Clutch.

It’s the beginning of another eventful weekend..(however you see it) and I have been work-work-working a whole lot!. Due to demand for the clutch I made here . I made this clutch bag out of one of my favorite scarves (tie-dye). I was out and about in my last post and couldn’t find my handbag and my satchel bag was no where to be found, so, I made this scarf clutch and I felt it would be really nice to share with you. I hope it’s not that difficult. Give it a try! would you?

P.S…there’s really nofn to put in this clutch bag!..lol.

What you need

  1. Scarf
  2. Two books of equal length


  1. Get a wide scarf
  2. Get two books of equal length (but in this case, I used game cds)
  3. Fold them into the scarf  (just follow the picture)
  4. Tie the scarf on the edges and there you go!

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Scarf, two books of equal length.

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Place the two books on the scarf and fold equally

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Roll the length of the scarf to the other sides of the books

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Fold the books into a purse

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Tie at the edge and there you have it!

P.S If you aren’t comfortable with the fringed edge ,you could fold it in..

I hope it’s easy for you to practice and feel free to give me your feedback!

Happy weekend ladies!! MUUUUUAHHH!!!!

On Men’s Style & Fashion: Dr. F.A.B


Screenshot_2016-04-06-23-46-07-1Hi lovelies!!  The weekend bant is here coz it’s Thursday!! Hakuna Matata😆😆…

This week has been full of positive vibes and a lot of blogging challenges too -the no electricity, awesome heat and worst of all, network connection problems😢😢. Here is my very first feature on my blog and I’m hoping to do lots more! (coz it can’t always be about me you know…and I support young, creative and hustling men in the fashion business)

Next week is really going to be special on here and I will spill a bit of the secret..I would have a feature on fast rising first a Medical doctor then a designer and he has his tentacles into all things fashion from bespoke suits,blazers to sandals, bags, shoes, wristwatches (uhuh..you name it).Screenshot_2016-04-06-23-46-59-1

Dr. FAB is more into the urban-classy gentleman style mixed with a bit of street style which makes him a “pick-pick” here😊 and would be your favourite if you follow his Instagram page .

So..I think I have spilled some part of the bean already and anticipate the next feature where he will share with me on his brand and style. I love Dr. FAB’s sense of style because it’s a mix of street and urban touch for the young ,fun and fearless men! and yup! ladies you ain’t left out. We need more creatives on the street urban, classy style because W.O.T.S ( word on the street), this fashion is gonna be here for a long, long time to come..What’s your take on his style?



P .S: We love dapper guys!!😍 and you could holla at me if you want to be featured On Men’s Style & Fashion

Photo  Credit:Dr.Fab’s instagram’s page










Double Dose: All Black x Colour Pop


 Hi guys!! Hope you had a fa-bu-lous weekend?? (..hell yeh, I had to stretch that..lols) and how’s the Easter hols coming along?😉

So..I know I have been a bit of a lazy drone lately and I apologise for that..I have really been up and about!. So this week has been exciting and I did my very first collaboration with my munchkin and fellow fashion blogger-in-crime, Ebunoluwa Bello of wanshygirl.wordpress.com.

We were a bit agitated on what to do but we were inspired by Dee Mako’s “Please Shoot Me” post and we decided to do an all black and a pop of colour to it. Dee’s was black and a kimono but we decided to do WE! 😂😂…(http://www.deemako.com/2016/03/please-help-me-shoot.html?) That’s the link to Dee’s post…go check it!

The fun part of this collaboration or double dose is that we got to achieve what we wanted without seeing each other!

My pop of colour is green jelly sandals, wine hat, red neck piece, gold bangles,pink umbrella and of course a two-tone purple and red lippie…Ebun’s was a black fedora, blue bangles, blue shoes, and emerald clutch . It’s easy to do a colour pop…don’t be afraid to mix black and other shouty colours!..

Take a good look at the shoot, I’d like to know ur thoughts and ur choice of co

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO
Lippie: Purple x Red

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Outfit Details :

Gown: F&F

Accessory: Estrella

Lippie: Classic (Ruby Woo) & Beyond Beauty.

P.S: I’ll get better clearer pictures next time🙈




The Kiss, Marry and Kill of Fashion

Hi guys! Mondays are always perceived as very stressful and no fun-day at all but hope yours was not that bad. So I decided to play a lil game and have fun on here and  do a bit of “the kiss, marry and kill” in a fashion perspective but in the real world it’s a kinda game you play on people.

For example, I’d kiss Big Sean, Marry  Mark Zuckerberg and Kill….(so u get it now..). So here’s what we are going to do? Pick three things in fashion that you would love to “kiss”, “marry” and “kill”.

Well, my items are;

  1. The LBD (little black dress)
  2. lbd4

So,  I would totally kiss an LBD anytime any day provided it’s a little above the knee cap and if it’s got a collar then it’s perfect but if not, I still love it anyways…. lbd

lbd 2

2.Military Boots/ Combat Boots/ Brogues or any male inspired shoes and of course it has to be vintage!.

Aren’t these supposed to be married to? of course they are!! ain’t nothing like having a brogue or military boots cuz those heels ain’t gat nathing on it.

The beauty is, LBD goes on any and it gives  you that edgy, confident look and you can add the boss-lady to it!

3. The Halter necks: I’d totally Kill it. I don’t like halters!. They may look great but I just don’t feel comfortable on a halter anytime any dayIt kinda feels like it chokes and this probably explains why I don’t have the choker necklace. I love it but it’s a no-no for me.

halter neck 2

So I’m just gonna put up only one pic of halter neck.

My kiss, marry and kill of fashion is an LBD, Brogues/M.Boots and Halters. So what’s yours? I’d like to hear from you and N.B it could be anything!


Trend Alert! Leopard Prints

Holla!! I trust your weekend has been good so far?, well guess what’s creeping into the fashion scene and would soon be roaring out loud real soon??….yes! you guessed right!..it’s the leopard print or animal print (whichever one you like to pick) that’s trending guys!

The most exciting thing about the leopard print is that it comes in various forms and can go with any color (provided you accessorize properly) and it feels really soft on the skin. I think leopard prints are good to go  for any season. Leopard prints can come in different forms; Body con gowns, high waist skirts, Jackets/blazers,shoes/pumps/sneakers, scarves, watches, bags/clutches, belts,slim fit pants , hair ruffles and neck-pieces.

You can wear leopard prints to work, school, dates,parties, beaches, etc. My favorite combo of leopard skin is neon+leopard skin + black. What’s yours? Here are some inspirations I gathered for ya….

animal print 1animal prints 11animal print 10animal print 9animal print 5animal print 7animal print 3animal print 2animal print 8animal print 6animal print 4

Style Glam: The “JLaw” cut-outs.

Helurr!!! (yes you!)  hope you have had a fabulous week so far and thanks for keeping up with my posts, been hell-busy lately and haven’t had the chance to post often (blogging challenges).

Btw…the golden globes as we already know held on Sunday (Jan 10) and I have been squinting my eyes to screen celebs who have stayed true to their style and Jennifer Lawrence (Jlaw) had my head nodding and literally saying “yes” to her dress.

Jlaw nails it when it comes to cut-outs and has remained true to her blonde, mild make-up and cut-out style. Jlaw’s dress was purr-fect! Her Christian Dior scarlet dress which is a combination of a crop top fused upon a dungaree-like gown and her Chopard jewelry was off the hook. Pheew! what a dress and one thing I love absolutely about Jlaw is, she goes easy wearing her accessories on her cut-outs. I would give some credit to Kate Hudson (your royal hotness) but Jlaw is my style glam for today! The Jlaw style is a cut-out, simple and super chic style and one to trend this year! (I’m predicting)..

See some of her red carpet looks ….


Designer: Christian Dior

Jewelry: Chopard

Event: Golden Globe 2016

jlaw 4


jlaw 6

jlaw 5

Continue reading Style Glam: The “JLaw” cut-outs.

Tips to look out for when shopping for a high waist skirt.

Hi y’ll!! hope you had a fab day and u totally slayed it in your various outfits. You know it’s a metropolitan city and you have to look your best.

High waist skirts are still trending but not really pronounced like the cullotes. To get that perfect high waist skirt I must applaud Kim Kardashian-West as the ultimate high-waist-skirt rocker of all times (she just knows how to slay in hws)…but don’t worry if you are pear, apple or carrot shaped. There’s a high waist skirt suitable for you!

I have few tips for you to keep in mind when shopping for a high waist skirt and they are as easy as spraying your perfumes..lols.

  1. Make sure the hws are well tailored, look at the sides of the skirts, flip them over for any mistakes or if the skirt has got enough space for adjustments.
  2. Know your waist size before shopping and when shopping for one, focus on the band of the skirt to make sure it’s tight and try it on to make sure the band grips you firmly on your midriffs.
  3. Keep in mind of the length. The beauty of a classic high waist skirt is the length. I recommend the knee-length high waist skirts.
  4. Make sure the slit at the back isn’t too high. It could tear up continuously if you miss a step and remember, the higher the slit the looser the hws would be. This would totally disfigure the shape of the skirt.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of  Kim K’s high waist skirt gallery.

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