#Tuesdayshoesday: My White Mountain Block Heeled Shoes Are To Die For!

Call me "Miss-stacking-up-good shoes" I might just nod a little bit! LOL! I'm currently listening to CHER- DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE! There are some shoe brands you just don't know they exist which are pretty good in quality as well. Momma gifted me these blocked heels and I couldn't be any happier! I fell in … Continue reading #Tuesdayshoesday: My White Mountain Block Heeled Shoes Are To Die For!


5 Shades Of COOL From The Met Gala!

It's Mother's day today!! I'm wishing every woman (moms and soon-to-be-moms) a happy mother's day!. It definitely would bite me if I didn't do a post on the Met Gala . As you all know that this month  is a special month for me (my birth month), this month is like a celebration month because, there are … Continue reading 5 Shades Of COOL From The Met Gala!

D.I.Y: Scarf Clutch.

It's the beginning of another eventful weekend..(however you see it) and I have been work-work-working a whole lot!. Due to demand for the clutch I made here . I made this clutch bag out of one of my favorite scarves (tie-dye). I was out and about in my last post and couldn't find my handbag and my satchel bag was no … Continue reading D.I.Y: Scarf Clutch.

On Men’s Style & Fashion: Dr. F.A.B

  Hi lovelies!!  The weekend bant is here coz it's Thursday!! Hakuna Matata😆😆... This week has been full of positive vibes and a lot of blogging challenges too -the no electricity, awesome heat and worst of all, network connection problems😢😢. Here is my very first feature on my blog and I'm hoping to do lots … Continue reading On Men’s Style & Fashion: Dr. F.A.B

Double Dose: All Black x Colour Pop

   Hi guys!! Hope you had a fa-bu-lous weekend?? (..hell yeh, I had to stretch that..lols) and how's the Easter hols coming along?😉 So..I know I have been a bit of a lazy drone lately and I apologise for that..I have really been up and about!. So this week has been exciting and I did … Continue reading Double Dose: All Black x Colour Pop

The Kiss, Marry and Kill of Fashion

Hi guys! Mondays are always perceived as very stressful and no fun-day at all but hope yours was not that bad. So I decided to play a lil game and have fun on here and  do a bit of "the kiss, marry and kill" in a fashion perspective but in the real world it's a … Continue reading The Kiss, Marry and Kill of Fashion

Trend Alert! Leopard Prints

Holla!! I trust your weekend has been good so far?, well guess what's creeping into the fashion scene and would soon be roaring out loud real soon??....yes! you guessed right!..it's the leopard print or animal print (whichever one you like to pick) that's trending guys! The most exciting thing about the leopard print is that … Continue reading Trend Alert! Leopard Prints

Style Glam: The “JLaw” cut-outs.

Helurr!!! (yes you!)  hope you have had a fabulous week so far and thanks for keeping up with my posts, been hell-busy lately and haven't had the chance to post often (blogging challenges). Btw...the golden globes as we already know held on Sunday (Jan 10) and I have been squinting my eyes to screen celebs … Continue reading Style Glam: The “JLaw” cut-outs.

Tips to look out for when shopping for a high waist skirt.

Hi y'll!! hope you had a fab day and u totally slayed it in your various outfits. You know it's a metropolitan city and you have to look your best. High waist skirts are still trending but not really pronounced like the cullotes. To get that perfect high waist skirt I must applaud Kim Kardashian-West … Continue reading Tips to look out for when shopping for a high waist skirt.