Pictures: Me Lately!

Tgif! I really don’t have much to say today but let the pictures speak a 1000 words. February started out really tough but came through in the end. It’s month of March and I’m being “all shades of broke”. I made a list of everything I needed in life and prioritised but hey, a girl…

Cheat Code For Layering The Slip On Outfit!

There are lots of pyjamas trends out there but I’m more comfortable with the SLIP-ON velvet slip-on and satin slip-on. The trick to wearing a slip on is to understand the concept. For instance, your slip on strap has to be tiny, the slip on dress could be A-line or body con (but it should…

Style Ideas For The SLAY Festival!

The SLAY Festival is just days away! It’s an empowerment event for women to come meet other women in business, technology, fashion etc to network, empower each other. The SLAY festival is an acronym for She Leads Africa but everyone calls it SLAY FESTIVAL. It will be the first in Nigeria and it’s going to…

Easy Peasy With Matching Pastel Colours!

Pastels are soft colours, basically connotes the beginning of summer or announcing the summer season. Pastels are light weighted- I mean they are friendly to the eyes when looked upon. The colours are; dusty blue, dusty lilac, dusty orange, mint, pale pink etc. How I styled my denim shirt (faded) and a pastel pink pleat skirt….

Cheat Code For Staying Cozy For A Dry Season!

  Dry seasons are characterized by dusty dry winds, haze, fallen leaves, hot weather, a bit cold, flu, flaky or crackly skin etc. But I found out a few cheat codes for staying cozy and warmed up during this season. They are;  I kinda had this type of look just imagine it with the pop…

These Hand Painted Denims Are The “IT!”

Street style has always fascinated me in many ways. I am one who is very artsy and all but these hand painted denims bring so much inspiration each time I see them. Here in Nigeria, a young designer (Dricky Stickman via Instagram @dricky_) debuted his hand painted denim at the Lagos Fashion Design Week in collaboration…

Comfortable And Chic In An African Print Bardot Dress.

The bardot top/dress trend is so here to stay. The best thing about it is the comfort and classy way it makes one look and feel. I got my second serious brand collaboration with an upcoming women’s brand Laitan Offical. She made my bardot dress in just 6hrs. I love the bell sleeves of the dress which absolutely…

Styling A Purple Tux Blazer And A Little White Dress

The little white dress has become a thing for me and I love it as much as I love the little black dress. They basically do the same thing for me. I decided to give my basic lwd a twist by layering a cardigan on it and complete my look with a ballet flat heel….

What To Do With A Dress Shirt and A Little Black Dress!

It’s Fall season which welcomes dry and cold winds which would mean getting your layering skills to a high level. I had this long time dress shirt which I launched on my birthday (read here). I decided to do a giveaway but I thought to myself, you know I could be versatile about my look….

OOTD: White Lace Top x Retro Skirt

  I know I love the retro style but how I came about this look was easy as snapping your fingers. This look was in preparation of the LFDW (The Lagos Fashion Design Week 2016).With my natural hair I had been rocking for almost a month, I was a bit confused about what to wear….