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How To Mix Ankara Prints So Easily!

Mixing Ankara prints is something I have come to love. Although many are still trying to get it right, I can say reluctantly that it’s that easy to mix Ankara prints.

To get it right, here are few ideas to consider;

  1. Consider the colours before you match. E.g. If you have a blue themed Ankara print, think about the colours that can match blue. Colours like grey, yellow, red. 
  2. Patterns can be quite confusing so deal with the basics. Things like a big floral patterns would match with small floral patterns.
  3. Let your desired style be simple and chic: It would be better to sew a two-piece with different Ankara print than trying to “patch” a dress with another print (it could work but it may not turn out well).

Let’s see how these fashionistas are bringing their A-game with the mixed prints!



Jennifer Oseh





Ella Moyo



Jennifer Oseh



Instagram: Merwwit


I’ve got some styles if you click on the link (Click here!!

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Street Style On My Birthday

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It’s my birthday (May,3) and I feel really great (because I did some soul-searching and self purging). It feels really good to be twenty-something years old and oh my! the figures are becoming big!. Literally, I feel I have just begun with my life and all along I have always felt I should have done some important things in my life, had some things in my life-it’s just a feeling of “missing out”. 

I have always been that quirky girl, one who doesn’t go with the crowd,one who is always the “odd one out” in some situations (in a good way sometimes, it happens in a nasty way). Most times in life some things I really wanted long ago didn’t come easily and promptly as I wanted it to. I’m like “Maria” in the Sound of Music .If you understand her, then you have found me!

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Well, I have learned some good things too.I have been to good places that has helped me appreciate life-I love my families (yes, foster and biological) for holding it down for me when it seemed that I would fall apart. Their love for me can be a bit cray-cray-craaay and so tough but I have always been OKay and now the lines are falling in place for me. This time I want it a little fast! (yes, Dear Lord!)

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Lessons I have learnt

  1. Be thankful!:– When you are thankful for the little things, God gives you way more! (FACT)
  2. Never compare your life with anyone’s :- Life is an individual race, yours is way different from others, if they have achieved a lot or appear to be more successful (maybe they found what works for them, find yours).
  3. Be confident– You only got you on this, trust me.
  4. Appreciate your body ( I mean every feature): It’s not okay for anyone to stroke my kinky hair without my permission, it’s not okay for anyone to “mess your body up” in the name of LOVE. That’s NOT love, that’s LUST! you will find out eventually.
  5. Be truthful and honest.
  6. Love YOUrself: Honey, the day I forgave myself of all the shoulda had this-coulda done this-i wish i got into university on time-bla bla bla!! started loving myself. There are people who have everything and aren’t happy and some people who would give anything to be in your shoes!..
  7. If you LOVE someone, tell HIM/HER : The first regret I felt, even my best friend doesn’t know this! and trust me, the best regret you would feel!
  8. LOVE GOD: Like it or nah, hate Him of nah,He is still God and we just have to come to that point where we find his love.

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I wondered what I would wear being my birthday. I didn’t want anything princessy but I felt oh well..Lemme add a bit of flavor to this rock a mini dress-shirt, fedora etc. I bumped on this vintage store and I felt, yes!!, this is soo me! and bless my brother for the lovely sandals..I fell in love with it totally!

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Outfit Deets:

  • Vintage Dress Shirt
  • Suede Sandals
  • Fedora
  • Tan Satchel Bag




D.I.Y: Scarf Clutch.

It’s the beginning of another eventful weekend..(however you see it) and I have been work-work-working a whole lot!. Due to demand for the clutch I made here . I made this clutch bag out of one of my favorite scarves (tie-dye). I was out and about in my last post and couldn’t find my handbag and my satchel bag was no where to be found, so, I made this scarf clutch and I felt it would be really nice to share with you. I hope it’s not that difficult. Give it a try! would you?

P.S…there’s really nofn to put in this clutch bag!..lol.

What you need

  1. Scarf
  2. Two books of equal length


  1. Get a wide scarf
  2. Get two books of equal length (but in this case, I used game cds)
  3. Fold them into the scarf  (just follow the picture)
  4. Tie the scarf on the edges and there you go!

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Scarf, two books of equal length.

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Place the two books on the scarf and fold equally

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Roll the length of the scarf to the other sides of the books

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Fold the books into a purse

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Tie at the edge and there you have it!

P.S If you aren’t comfortable with the fringed edge ,you could fold it in..

I hope it’s easy for you to practice and feel free to give me your feedback!

Happy weekend ladies!! MUUUUUAHHH!!!!