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Ankara Silk Prints In A Two-Piece!


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If you are a dedicated reader of this blog by now you would have already had an idea what my style is. My style is basically comfortable, chic and very minimal although I am not a white and black minimalist but I love to keep things in moderation but stylish at the same time.


My two-piece outfit is basically from one of the trendy print pieces in the African fashion called the Ankara Silk which is a combination of print designs in form of soft silk fabric. I’m totally in love with this attire gifted by “my secret santa” Kanyinsola Ojeshina just before Christmas and it was the perfect gift for me.

This fabric is absorbent, soft and light. The print designs on it are perfectly drawn on it with a green theme, it’s perfect for a sunny weather or perfect for a beach date.

See how I rocked mine.

P.S. I plan on doing different stuff with this two-piece set (till then!)IMG_20170106_141132_1CS.jpgIMG_20170106_141755.jpg

With me, I can use anything as prop even the cage!


Outfit details: 


Shoes: Ballet flats (thrifted)

Sunnies: Haute Signature



Comfortable And Chic In An African Print Bardot Dress.

20161202_13022820161202_130228The bardot top/dress trend is so here to stay. The best thing about it is the comfort and classy way it makes one look and feel. I got my second serious brand collaboration with an upcoming women’s brand Laitan Offical.

She made my bardot dress in just 6hrs. I love the bell sleeves of the dress which absolutely brings out the class in the dress. I styled my African print bardot dress with a nude jelly flat sandals and my holiday gift ( I got it myself), a sunnies from Haute Signature brand. Here’s my top look!




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Jasmine Salahuddin Has Caught My Eyes With Her Retro-Centric Style!


Hello Jasmine, you look cool!

I have been having some style ideas lately but because of budget, I haven’t been able to post some of the ideas I have put together. My current situation about my style idea is incomplete. It’s either I have a slip-on dress and no white sneakers or I have a denim skirt with no white tee or fedora.


Btw, Ever since I stumbled across Jasmine Salahuddin on Instagram (here) I felt a kind of connection, we seem to have almost a similar style a bit of cool and retro. Jasmine is a fashion blogger and a student but she definitely has got some sense of style going!

I gathered some of my fave looks from her page. Take a look!14488284_729834873839129_2128939993555533824_n13704373_1552773445031469_1149959267_n14659362_341421306222015_2420707889455824896_n-115259059_168768280258567_4477571017455173632_n

I’m definitely putting together some of my style ideas and hopefully get more posts done. So help me God!


Styling A Purple Tux Blazer And A Little White Dress

The little white dress has become a thing for me and I love it as much as I love the little black dress. They basically do the same thing for me.

I decided to give my basic lwd a twist by layering a cardigan on it and complete my look with a ballet flat heel. A little white dress is classy and appropriate for any event. See how I styled myself.

P.s. There was no awesome pose. I just stood like a mannequin


Hello, there!




I just had a clean, minimal but classy look!


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I wasn’t even ready and the sun was way too hot!



Thanks for visiting!! Share with me how you would rock your tux cardigan in the comment box! toodles!






LOTD: Frayed Denim Choker x Denim Dungaree x Ankara Print

photo_20160923_092001-1Ankara print and denim dungaree is so lit! Since designers are expensive, I decided to sew my one yard Ankara print fabric with a local tailor (My obioma Yes, the fact is, if you find a good tailor  obioma that can sew real good, get your fabric and the picture of what you want your outfit to look like give a great deal of details and voila, there you have it! It can 

It can be risky though, but it’s up to you to know the type of stuff you want them to sew for you. I recommend you sew simple and easy stuff with them but if they prove better, give them a try.

Here’s how I styled my top: I went a bit Afrocentric, chic and cool! Hope you like it!photo_20160923_092004-1photo_20160923_092055photo_20160923_092110photo_20160923_092123

Outfit Details: 

Top: Ankara fabric


Frayed Denim Choker

Retro Clear Glasses

Jelly shoes.




Retro: Channeling my Inner Retro Style

The retro style has been around for quite a while and I’m loving every bit of it! From retro clear glasses, vintage tops (you would be seeing more of it), weird and quirky statement pieces. NYFW has been a n eye opener to different kinds of style that exist. Some are really quirky, something like a blast from the past but they have a modern twist to make you love them.

The Retro clear glasses:_dsc0195



How I styled With My Work Look!vo1vo2

Not so clear, but I styled my retro glasses with a vintage top, a layered choker and a pastel blue high waist midi skirt.Thanks to Maryam Salam for the clear pictures!

TopVintage (given by Oge Agu),



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Me day-dreaming about having #myhousehuntwahala solved!

Since hustle has doubled up as a Lagos-born and raised resident, I just got myself a new job on the Lekki-Penninsula area of Lagos! someone would start screaming now- babe, you are now a big girl,lucky you!

#MyHouseHuntWahala became vivid to me when I started wasting a huge percentage of my salary on transportation alone. As a working class lady, I’m supposed to be enjoying the mere fact that I see other beautiful parts of Lagos, buy trendy clothes (as per being a fashion blogger), shoes, perfumes, invest etc..my life just sucked one more time!

Since transportation was the bottle-neck of my expenses, I decided to squat with a colleague or friend or rent an apartment (at least that would be cheaper) but I would still pay rent either ways. You know you would be a liability if you don’t pay rent!

Another factor that triggered my having an apartment was the fact that I had to be completely independent of my parents (you see, living with your parents especially as a female could be nice but very distracting!). That is when they know that you need to bring your boyfriend home to settle bride price. I have indeed suffered..lol!

Is it the lateness to work, the struggle for private car transportation from Lekki to the mainland, the terrible body odour you get from sweaty passengers on a traffic-infested bridge,the fuel price hike and not hanging out with friends after work that has given me a heartache on the house hunt in Lagos?

What else have I not experienced that would make me not hop on sites like ToLet.com to help me with this house issue because those so-called house agents could be quite funny and not give you what you want. I have decided to end this house hunt journey once and for all so my life can make more sense with ToLet.Com. (click on the link to know how

Do you have a house hunt issue ladies, let’s hear it!

Processed with VSCO
Me, happy about #myhousehuntwahala solved by ToLet.com!

Choker Fever!

Processed with VSCO

Chokers are like eye-lusters for me! I have been in love with them from time immemorial (I just love the way it sticks to my neck and make it beautiful). This post is dedicated to my friend , Joanna who called in one day to give me a brand new choker.

Joanna: Hey choker gurl, I got a new choker for you! When are you gonna get it?
Me: Really! wow! nice! asap! thanks!realy …omg!!

I and chokers are that deep! I have my first choker (which had a tennis bat on it). It was a rubber made choker and I even used it as a bangle..lol..but my dear friend called in and we even made fun of me wearing the choker everywhere even on my ankle..jeez!
P.s- Chokers are best worn on a plunging neckline top, off-shoulder top and round neck top so it can be seen properly!

See how I styled my choker with my dress!

Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

How do you style your choker? Let’s hear it!!

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LWD: A Summer Must-Have!


Hi lovelies!!  It’s been ages I posted..been trying to balance work and blogging. I’m glad I started working sooner…I have learnt a whole lot of things😊

Processed with VSCO

Anyways..summer is by the corner (for my readers outside Nigeria) coz it’s almost always summer in Nigeria!😢

The Little White Dress is a summer essential and it definitely has a lot to offer. It’s perfect for the weather, any style you choose to rock your lwd from mini dresses to maxi dresses, the LWD is your go-to for summer😀.

I  styled my little white dress in a grey waistcoat, a shiny skinny belt and statement shoes. I had a little tomboy look going on with the ORU fez cap..a sorta street style inspired look…What’s your take on the LWD and let me know your summer must -have😗

Processed with VSCO




Processed with VSCO



When a lady is on her “grind”, she knows her “onions”, she is BOSS-CHICK! I have never met Grace Alex (hoping to someday) but I have been following the fashion blogger,stylist and enterpreneur on Instagram for a while and I’m loving her every post!She is the brain and beauty behind the statement footwear-GAFA FOOTWEAR


If you follow me on Instagram, you would notice that I have been making so much noise and doing a lot of flat lay shot on this particular footwear and now, I feel at ease blogging about it!

The very first time Grace posted the Fringe Collection of her GAFA FOOTWEAR, I fell in love with it instantly (although there are two typesbut the one you see here, is my love!. I love the color-combo used in making the footwear and the authentic leather. 

The footwear has a dark brown color and the grey tassels which pronounced its beauty on the footwear and a black sole.The tassels add some vintage vibes to the look, yet modern and feminine. It’s hand made and paid detailed attention to the size, sewing and authenticity of the leather. It is no doubt that my GAFA footwear (coz..i have mine :p) will stand the test of time.

Gafa 3
Gafa Grey Tassels in the making..

Thank you Grace for being an inspiration for this post and keep proving that young women can be financially independent if they used their brains and gifted hands!!

gafa 2.jpg
My shoefie on my Gafa footwear..
Gafa 1
Flatlay shot of Gafa footwear..
Gafa 4
Grace rocking her Fringe footwear 
gafa 5
Another footwear from her collection.