Since hustle has doubled up as a Lagos-born and raised resident, I just got myself a new job on the Lekki-Penninsula area of Lagos! someone would start screaming now- babe, you are now a big girl,lucky you! #MyHouseHuntWahala became vivid to me when I started wasting a huge percentage of my salary on transportation alone. As … Continue reading #MyHouseHuntWahala


Crochet Braids: Big Braids Don’t Care!

Crochet braids have finally crept into the hair industry and they are very profitable to every naturalista! (I'm luvving it already!) . Crochets come in different forms from mambo twist (my next hairdo) *winks*, tiny crochet braids, big crochet braids, curly crochet braids (you heard me!) and a whole lot of crochets that I haven't … Continue reading Crochet Braids: Big Braids Don’t Care!