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Touring My Own City!- The Lekki Conservation Centre!! (Part 1)

Finally, I toured the Lekki Conservation Centre today!!

I have heard lots of amazing things about this place from Youtube reviews to blogposts to The Social Prefect (Chiamaka Obuekwe) touring couples, young students etc. I decided to go on my own.

P.S: This blogpost is gonna be loooong but interesting (look on the bright side jare!).

Sounds daring right? Yes, I dared myself and I’m glad I don’t regret one bit of it! I have been planning this trip for weeks but one “something”keeps wrecking my plans. I made it to LCC today after CDS.

I live on the mainland and my CDS (Community Development Service) and PPA (Primary Place Of Assignment) is in Lekki so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I decided that every Wednesday will be for CDS and touring Lekki!


From CDS to a quick stop at LCC!
First, Let me take a selfie!


Since I have to shuttle between mainland and the Lekki Penninsula, there is no sense in Uber-ing/ Taxify-ing my way down (except if Mr. Otedola is my godfather).LOL..and I don’t have a car so, #teamcommercialbus road trip!

From the mainland (Close to MMIA i.e Muritala Mohammed Airport Road) down to Chevron B/stop, it cost me N450 (Nigerian currency). A total of N900 for budget, although I spent N750. Yours could be lesser or higher depending on the area you live in.

I made sure I was well fed at home before hopping out to avoid lush food expenses (because Lekki restaurants can dig a fat hole in your pocket). On getting there, I got to the information centre where I was briefed about LCC and pay N2,000 (N1,000 for the longest canopy walk in Africa and the other N1,000 for entrance). If you came with your camera you would pay extra N1,000 for taking pictures ( I think it’s ridiculous though) but sneak it in if you have too!




LCC surprisingly has been around for almost 27years! As the name implies, it’s a “Conservation Centre” for preserving natural habitats from trees to animals such as monkeys, alligators, peacocks, birds, etc. Some people saw a black snake too!

You can have your birthday party, picnics, outdoor barbeques etc so come with your cameras, phones, bumbags, strawhats, notepads etc.


You would see monkeys and peacocks, Tortoises, coming your way with all impunity! Yes, they feel like you have entered their territory and if you distract the monkey with your fruit juices or whatever it is you are eating, they would come for you in groups so, watch out!

There is a restroom where you can change into anything, a restaurant where you can buy native foods, lemonade drinks and Orijin zero drinks etc.

 Apart from the canopy walk, there are bukka huts with thatched roof such as Igbo-Efon, Tukuru, Game grids Ludo Game Grids, Draft Grids, Chess Grids, Tilapia fish ponds, etc.

Making Enquiries at the Hut Before the Entrance, There you pay all the necessary fees before going in!
A quick stop at the restaurant! I got my Lemonade drink here and peppery plantain chips

I regret not climbing the tree house! 

I’m definitely coming to LCC again and this time with my girls! I went for the first time alone but it was worth it! In all A total of N3, 500 (If you are being economical enough) will take you to LCC from the mainland at least that should be about the same price with a Domino Pizza/ Debonairs Pizza!

A few pictures from LCC.

Sandals by:@wanshygirl
Fish Pond
According to folklore, tortoises are greedy but in real life MONKEYS are beyond greedy!
A girl gotta pose every time she finishes a phase of the canopy walk! LOL
The trees are amazing! Love this shade of blue from my hair to shorts!Those palm trees are way too big like an Iroko!

Watch out for Part 2 (I’d be loading more pictures) and narrating my canopy walk!

Till then! Please share this post another explorer might want to visit!!