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Highlights From The Colours And Grey Bloggers Forum



I was having a bad hair day but still yanked on my boy shorts and political tee with my baseball cap!


Hi there!

This post has been long overdue! I attended the first blogger’s forum which was meant to be a masterclass organised by COLOURS AND GREY. It’s a bloggers community designed to help bloggers grow, network with each other, share ideas and connect brands with bloggers.

For my readers who aren’t Nigerians, I don’t know if you have been to a blogger’s forum or  how a bloggers forum is held in your country (I’d love you to share in the comment section..thanks!)

I must confess I arrived REALLY LATE because of the day and time (Sunday).Anyways I bumped in when the sessions were on (Alice, the organizer was talking about Digital Marketing). The event was held at the CAPITAL SQUARE, IKOYI LAGOS.

We had a great time because learning was s much fun! We learnt about SEO, CAMPAIGNS, FACEBOOK ADS, EMAIL MARKETING, etc.We had a sumptuous meal sponsored by HEYFOODIE . I’m glad I met with other bloggers like Grace Gigi, (she runs Epiphany29, go check it out!). I also met Levy Braide (She is also the Blackwriter, check out her page please!) and a few other bloggers.

I’m glad I pushed myself out to learnt those stuff, it was simply amaZING! Oh..did I mention the goody bag I received? I got a dress from THE INDULGENCE COLLECTION  and some lingerie from BRIEF ESSENTIALS. In essence, I had a great time and relax more on Sundays!

If you have attended a bloggers forum, I’d love to hear from you!

Till next time, XOXO!



Brief Essential Lingerie Goody Bag!
My dress from the Indulgence Collection. I did a little DIY on the dress because it was so long and big on me.
I chose to rock it on a Nigerian footwear brand and a choker



Official pic from Colours And Grey! That’s Levy Braide in the white waist coat, Okolo Sarah stretching her neck!