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How To Mix Ankara Prints So Easily!

Mixing Ankara prints is something I have come to love. Although many are still trying to get it right, I can say reluctantly that it’s that easy to mix Ankara prints.

To get it right, here are few ideas to consider;

  1. Consider the colours before you match. E.g. If you have a blue themed Ankara print, think about the colours that can match blue. Colours like grey, yellow, red. 
  2. Patterns can be quite confusing so deal with the basics. Things like a big floral patterns would match with small floral patterns.
  3. Let your desired style be simple and chic: It would be better to sew a two-piece with different Ankara print than trying to “patch” a dress with another print (it could work but it may not turn out well).

Let’s see how these fashionistas are bringing their A-game with the mixed prints!



Jennifer Oseh





Ella Moyo



Jennifer Oseh



Instagram: Merwwit


I’ve got some styles if you click on the link (Click here!!

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African Print Turban Is High On Trend!


The Headwrap game is on and if you want to be on your A-game, you have to watch tonnes of vids and practise a bit more to be on top. I love African print because they are colourful, extends our culture and needs to be explored much more. Remember I did a turban post some time ago (read here)

I found Nadira (A YouTuber and Fashion blogger) who through her vid, shows how to tie an African print turban in five different ways!

Watch and learn!

Source: Nadira037 via Instagram

Other African print headgear


source: Instagram (@nanawax)


Credit: Furehx via Instagram


Credit: Instagram (@kristena_


Instagram :@alukmaakuchi
Instagram: @ikezayah
Instagram: findingpaola

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