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How To: Transitioning Your Fall Outfits To Summer Outfits!

I wanted to do something for Fall and here it is! I picked two of my favourite colours for Fall that is grey and olive green and then transformed it into two different styles.

Fall Look 1:


See how I matched grey plaid to a work chic style or the street style chic!

Fall 3

Some summer inspo with the same grey plaid pattern

Inspo 2: Athelisure trend with Olive green.

fall 1

From Athleisure to Kimono with the same Olive green colour!

Fall to summer 2

It’s that easy people! Never ditch your Fall outfits just because of the colour but you can always revamp, reuse or tnasform!

Till Next Time!!

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What To Do With A Dress Shirt and A Little Black Dress!

14624698_1285325851518134_1777850473219358720_nIt’s Fall season which welcomes dry and cold winds which would mean getting your layering skills to a high level. I had this long time dress shirt which I launched on my birthday (read here). I decided to do a giveaway but I thought to myself, you know I could be versatile about my look.

I remembered a little  micro black dress which I owned somewhere in my box. I matched it with my dress shirt and voila! I loved the outcome of the combo!! Perfect!!

Nini Enefola , a fashion blogger (Spotted with the same shirt dress)
I did a who rocked it better with her! who did? let me know in the comment box! muah!
FF me on Instagram, _afrodame (my feed is becoming engaging and really great!)
Check out the details!! I wish I could repeat this look!



Trend Alert! Leopard Prints

Holla!! I trust your weekend has been good so far?, well guess what’s creeping into the fashion scene and would soon be roaring out loud real soon??….yes! you guessed right!..it’s the leopard print or animal print (whichever one you like to pick) that’s trending guys!

The most exciting thing about the leopard print is that it comes in various forms and can go with any color (provided you accessorize properly) and it feels really soft on the skin. I think leopard prints are good to go  for any season. Leopard prints can come in different forms; Body con gowns, high waist skirts, Jackets/blazers,shoes/pumps/sneakers, scarves, watches, bags/clutches, belts,slim fit pants , hair ruffles and neck-pieces.

You can wear leopard prints to work, school, dates,parties, beaches, etc. My favorite combo of leopard skin is neon+leopard skin + black. What’s yours? Here are some inspirations I gathered for ya….

animal print 1animal prints 11animal print 10animal print 9animal print 5animal print 7animal print 3animal print 2animal print 8animal print 6animal print 4