Retro: Channeling my Inner Retro Style

The retro style has been around for quite a while and I'm loving every bit of it! From retro clear glasses, vintage tops (you would be seeing more of it), weird and quirky statement pieces. NYFW has been a n eye opener to different kinds of style that exist. Some are really quirky, something like … Continue reading Retro: Channeling my Inner Retro Style


Since hustle has doubled up as a Lagos-born and raised resident, I just got myself a new job on the Lekki-Penninsula area of Lagos! someone would start screaming now- babe, you are now a big girl,lucky you! #MyHouseHuntWahala became vivid to me when I started wasting a huge percentage of my salary on transportation alone. As … Continue reading #MyHouseHuntWahala

Some Street Vibes

Holla lovelies!! T.G.I.F!!! who else is swerving  hitting the quan!! this weekend? I have been having some street vibes lately and I wouldn't be wearing much of this street fashion especially because I joined the 9-5ers (ikr..) So..I took to my closet to bring out most of my -not-work-clothes and basically played with it. I … Continue reading Some Street Vibes