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How To Mix Ankara Prints So Easily!

Mixing Ankara prints is something I have come to love. Although many are still trying to get it right, I can say reluctantly that it’s that easy to mix Ankara prints.

To get it right, here are few ideas to consider;

  1. Consider the colours before you match. E.g. If you have a blue themed Ankara print, think about the colours that can match blue. Colours like grey, yellow, red. 
  2. Patterns can be quite confusing so deal with the basics. Things like a big floral patterns would match with small floral patterns.
  3. Let your desired style be simple and chic: It would be better to sew a two-piece with different Ankara print than trying to “patch” a dress with another print (it could work but it may not turn out well).

Let’s see how these fashionistas are bringing their A-game with the mixed prints!



Jennifer Oseh





Ella Moyo



Jennifer Oseh



Instagram: Merwwit


I’ve got some styles if you click on the link (Click here!!

If there are more style hacks you would like to share, pls put right in the comment section. Don’t forget to like, share with your friends.





Ankara Silk Prints In A Two-Piece!


I play way too much!! Follow me on IG: _afrodame

If you are a dedicated reader of this blog by now you would have already had an idea what my style is. My style is basically comfortable, chic and very minimal although I am not a white and black minimalist but I love to keep things in moderation but stylish at the same time.


My two-piece outfit is basically from one of the trendy print pieces in the African fashion called the Ankara Silk which is a combination of print designs in form of soft silk fabric. I’m totally in love with this attire gifted by “my secret santa” Kanyinsola Ojeshina just before Christmas and it was the perfect gift for me.

This fabric is absorbent, soft and light. The print designs on it are perfectly drawn on it with a green theme, it’s perfect for a sunny weather or perfect for a beach date.

See how I rocked mine.

P.S. I plan on doing different stuff with this two-piece set (till then!)IMG_20170106_141132_1CS.jpgIMG_20170106_141755.jpg

With me, I can use anything as prop even the cage!


Outfit details: 


Shoes: Ballet flats (thrifted)

Sunnies: Haute Signature


LOTD: Frayed Denim Choker x Denim Dungaree x Ankara Print

photo_20160923_092001-1Ankara print and denim dungaree is so lit! Since designers are expensive, I decided to sew my one yard Ankara print fabric with a local tailor (My obioma Yes, the fact is, if you find a good tailor  obioma that can sew real good, get your fabric and the picture of what you want your outfit to look like give a great deal of details and voila, there you have it! It can 

It can be risky though, but it’s up to you to know the type of stuff you want them to sew for you. I recommend you sew simple and easy stuff with them but if they prove better, give them a try.

Here’s how I styled my top: I went a bit Afrocentric, chic and cool! Hope you like it!photo_20160923_092004-1photo_20160923_092055photo_20160923_092110photo_20160923_092123

Outfit Details: 

Top: Ankara fabric


Frayed Denim Choker

Retro Clear Glasses

Jelly shoes.




LWD: A Summer Must-Have!


Hi lovelies!!  It’s been ages I posted..been trying to balance work and blogging. I’m glad I started working sooner…I have learnt a whole lot of things😊

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Anyways..summer is by the corner (for my readers outside Nigeria) coz it’s almost always summer in Nigeria!😢

The Little White Dress is a summer essential and it definitely has a lot to offer. It’s perfect for the weather, any style you choose to rock your lwd from mini dresses to maxi dresses, the LWD is your go-to for summer😀.

I  styled my little white dress in a grey waistcoat, a shiny skinny belt and statement shoes. I had a little tomboy look going on with the ORU fez cap..a sorta street style inspired look…What’s your take on the LWD and let me know your summer must -have😗

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Street Style On My Birthday

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It’s my birthday (May,3) and I feel really great (because I did some soul-searching and self purging). It feels really good to be twenty-something years old and oh my! the figures are becoming big!. Literally, I feel I have just begun with my life and all along I have always felt I should have done some important things in my life, had some things in my life-it’s just a feeling of “missing out”. 

I have always been that quirky girl, one who doesn’t go with the crowd,one who is always the “odd one out” in some situations (in a good way sometimes, it happens in a nasty way). Most times in life some things I really wanted long ago didn’t come easily and promptly as I wanted it to. I’m like “Maria” in the Sound of Music .If you understand her, then you have found me!

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Well, I have learned some good things too.I have been to good places that has helped me appreciate life-I love my families (yes, foster and biological) for holding it down for me when it seemed that I would fall apart. Their love for me can be a bit cray-cray-craaay and so tough but I have always been OKay and now the lines are falling in place for me. This time I want it a little fast! (yes, Dear Lord!)

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Lessons I have learnt

  1. Be thankful!:– When you are thankful for the little things, God gives you way more! (FACT)
  2. Never compare your life with anyone’s :- Life is an individual race, yours is way different from others, if they have achieved a lot or appear to be more successful (maybe they found what works for them, find yours).
  3. Be confident– You only got you on this, trust me.
  4. Appreciate your body ( I mean every feature): It’s not okay for anyone to stroke my kinky hair without my permission, it’s not okay for anyone to “mess your body up” in the name of LOVE. That’s NOT love, that’s LUST! you will find out eventually.
  5. Be truthful and honest.
  6. Love YOUrself: Honey, the day I forgave myself of all the shoulda had this-coulda done this-i wish i got into university on time-bla bla bla!! started loving myself. There are people who have everything and aren’t happy and some people who would give anything to be in your shoes!..
  7. If you LOVE someone, tell HIM/HER : The first regret I felt, even my best friend doesn’t know this! and trust me, the best regret you would feel!
  8. LOVE GOD: Like it or nah, hate Him of nah,He is still God and we just have to come to that point where we find his love.

Processed with VSCO

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I wondered what I would wear being my birthday. I didn’t want anything princessy but I felt oh well..Lemme add a bit of flavor to this rock a mini dress-shirt, fedora etc. I bumped on this vintage store and I felt, yes!!, this is soo me! and bless my brother for the lovely sandals..I fell in love with it totally!

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Outfit Deets:

  • Vintage Dress Shirt
  • Suede Sandals
  • Fedora
  • Tan Satchel Bag




Playful in Peach Pleated Skirt: Ranti Onayemi Blanchard Inspired.

Hello Lovelies!! Happy magic mystical Monday! Make your day work for you and get all the positive vibes going!

The first time I looked up this website here I really thought she was really cool and effortlessly chic. I thought she had the sense of style that I could totally rock all the time. She goes simple but really classy with all she wears and never does too much of all the jewelry..(because some people think wearing too much jewelry makes you stylish or fashionable or some people think not wearing at all makes you a religious fanatic…whatevs!) 

Wearing pleats (especially long pleat skirts) can be very complicated to wear and might give you the feeling of not being sexy in your dress. I can’t remember the last time I rocked a pleat skirt and felt really good in it but thanks to Ranti Blanchard post on Instagram, she made the peach- pleat- long skirt, fun, flirty and nice!. I decided to get me some peach-pleat long skirt and rocked it my way. While Ranti rocked hers with a grey long sleeve, I rocked mine with a white lace long sleeves, I also made a tye-die clutch bag which I would share how I made it later on the blog...how would you rock yours ladies?

Btw..I have to admit that I’m still shy taking pictures by the walkway or anywhere else in the world!.(help somebody)


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Ranti Blanchard
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Ranti Blanchard
Ranti Blanchard

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Some Street Vibes

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Holla lovelies!! T.G.I.F!!! who else is swerving  hitting the quan!! this weekend? I have been having some street vibes lately and I wouldn’t be wearing much of this street fashion especially because I joined the 9-5ers (ikr..) So..I took to my closet to bring out most of my -not-work-clothes and basically played with it. I made my own street rules on this, what’s yours?

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Street style could also be mixed with the urban touch  and could be long jackets, mostly black on black, fedoras, goth lips, a bit of punk, boots, long gowns and crops. But however you mix and match is a bit of street..

Have a great weekend! xoxo





Happy Easter Holidays!! How is the hols coming along for ya??–I’m excited!! So..some few years back I traveled to Accra,Ghana (in West Africa) and I had the opportunity to visit their local market (Mokola) which was so much fun and I thought it best to shop for Ghanaian prints. Well, I was inspired by the meaning of Easter (Resurrection of Christ) to come up with this combo. The bright colored top signifies bright light and the print patterns signifies the different parts of the world!…I was a bit agitated about the combo.. Id like to know what you think!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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And Oh! I love that cute little bag..it’s been around for a while..lols..and  I didn’t step on the flowers for the “shoefie” !!

Outfit Deets:

Maxi Skirt: Woodin (Ghana)

Top: Image



Trend Alert! Leopard Prints

Holla!! I trust your weekend has been good so far?, well guess what’s creeping into the fashion scene and would soon be roaring out loud real soon??….yes! you guessed right!..it’s the leopard print or animal print (whichever one you like to pick) that’s trending guys!

The most exciting thing about the leopard print is that it comes in various forms and can go with any color (provided you accessorize properly) and it feels really soft on the skin. I think leopard prints are good to go  for any season. Leopard prints can come in different forms; Body con gowns, high waist skirts, Jackets/blazers,shoes/pumps/sneakers, scarves, watches, bags/clutches, belts,slim fit pants , hair ruffles and neck-pieces.

You can wear leopard prints to work, school, dates,parties, beaches, etc. My favorite combo of leopard skin is neon+leopard skin + black. What’s yours? Here are some inspirations I gathered for ya….

animal print 1animal prints 11animal print 10animal print 9animal print 5animal print 7animal print 3animal print 2animal print 8animal print 6animal print 4