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I Mixed My African Print Fabric And I Loved It!

Mixing African prints or Ankara prints as you may know it has been my pastime. Like I blogged earlier last week about tips on mixing prints, I followed the principles and guess what I got the perfect combo!

My Ankara jacket has similar colour with my shorts so, I decided to match it with my black body suit top and voila it came out really nice.

Take a look!

20170329_155742 (2)






P.S: If you want similar Ankara Jackets with your fabric and you are in Nigeria, it costs N5,000. or indicate your interest on my Instagram page/Whatsapp

Outfit Details: 

Jacket: Onyx Star Fashion

Shorts: Slayonabudget

All brands are Nigerian owned brands




Cheat Code For Layering The Slip On Outfit!

There are lots of pyjamas trends out there but I’m more comfortable with the SLIP-ON velvet slip-on and satin slip-on. The trick to wearing a slip on is to understand the concept. For instance, your slip on strap has to be tiny, the slip on dress could be A-line or body con (but it should fit). 

You must understand that it has to be light-weight because you are layering it over another outfit. The slip on is best worn with a fitted tee, a dramatic sheer top or an over-sized tee depending on the way the slip fits on your body.

For a 90s look, your tee must be white, layer the slip-on on a slim-fit jean, nice eye accessory and a wavy hair cut. It’s okay to freestyle and make this look yours!

I rocked mine ona sheer turtle neck top and a burgundy fitted slip on. Check out my look!







Outfit Details

Top: Mr. Price Nigeria

Burgundy dress: Mr. Price Nigeria

Shoes: Ballet flats


Ankara Silk Prints In A Two-Piece!


I play way too much!! Follow me on IG: _afrodame

If you are a dedicated reader of this blog by now you would have already had an idea what my style is. My style is basically comfortable, chic and very minimal although I am not a white and black minimalist but I love to keep things in moderation but stylish at the same time.


My two-piece outfit is basically from one of the trendy print pieces in the African fashion called the Ankara Silk which is a combination of print designs in form of soft silk fabric. I’m totally in love with this attire gifted by “my secret santa” Kanyinsola Ojeshina just before Christmas and it was the perfect gift for me.

This fabric is absorbent, soft and light. The print designs on it are perfectly drawn on it with a green theme, it’s perfect for a sunny weather or perfect for a beach date.

See how I rocked mine.

P.S. I plan on doing different stuff with this two-piece set (till then!)IMG_20170106_141132_1CS.jpgIMG_20170106_141755.jpg

With me, I can use anything as prop even the cage!


Outfit details: 


Shoes: Ballet flats (thrifted)

Sunnies: Haute Signature


Hair: Crotchet Fro Is The In-Thing Now!

The Initial Crochet braid was this long till I was told to take it off!

Apart from the beauty of crochet braids in the past few months, the big twists, the curls and now the 4c Crochet braids.I’m open to trying out other types of crochet extension and the curly ones are catching my eyes! Now that exchange rate is high, I am definitely conscious about spending. 

Now that exchange rate is high, I am definitely conscious about spending. Here’s the big trick, If you buy an expensive top, matched with an affordable denim and a stylish (let’s say and oldie but good shoes and a bag) you would definitely look good! Just try it!


P.s This post is a bit long and read on to find out what I went through with my Afro hair at home.

My Afro Is A Crochet Braid!

Ever since I made my hair, I have been getting lots of questions as to if this is my real hair , well my real hair is almost as huge as my crochet 4c hair except for the edges (anyone knows any oil for hair growth?)

The reduced hair, how do you like my hair now? better or nah? Actually, I look like a CLOWN.

Details about my Crochet braid?

I bought a crochet braid 4c hair called Noble Gold which cost about #1,250 (x2) and I paid for services #1,800 ( I could actually do this myself) . All in total #5,300. It would have been cheap but I didn’t have much strength for bargaining and just because it’s Christmas period. I love the hair and would make it over and over again but the reception I got at home was quite unwelcoming. Everyone thought I was unattractive, bushy and I should “make my hair to attract young men”. I was given a refund to go make another hair.

I thought of black women going through stuff about their hair and I asked,” if this hair was my real hair would you ask me to take it off too?” I couldn’t believe there was so much to say about a hair that stands up (Black people hair) and irrespective of anyone’s opinion, I’d do this hair over and over again. I mean I’m not living in Europe, America or other countries that have an “opinion”about my Afro no matter how “bushy”it looked but what shocked me was the opinion of some family members. In the end I reduced it for it to be accepted at home. I feel like I really need my own space and I would get it!!!

 If you have faced any of these hair issues, pls, feel free to comment below and share this post!

img-20161213-wa0011img-20161213-wa0019img-20161213-wa0023Details about what I’m wearing would be in the next post! see ya!

These Hand Painted Denims Are The “IT!”

14693806_225179161229260_6430419014027051008_nStreet style has always fascinated me in many ways. I am one who is very artsy and all but these hand painted denims bring so much inspiration each time I see them. Here in Nigeria, a young designer (Dricky Stickman via Instagram @dricky_) debuted his hand painted denim at the Lagos Fashion Design Week in collaboration with the Fruche Official Brand.

I love every creative message on each denim. In fact, it brought back some childhood memories and so much fun inspirations running through my head.When it comes to street style, these hand painted denims have their street credibility. 

Check it out!


Picture Credibility via Instagram :Dricky Stickman (@dricky_)

Playful in Peach Pleated Skirt: Ranti Onayemi Blanchard Inspired.

Hello Lovelies!! Happy magic mystical Monday! Make your day work for you and get all the positive vibes going!

The first time I looked up this website here I really thought she was really cool and effortlessly chic. I thought she had the sense of style that I could totally rock all the time. She goes simple but really classy with all she wears and never does too much of all the jewelry..(because some people think wearing too much jewelry makes you stylish or fashionable or some people think not wearing at all makes you a religious fanatic…whatevs!) 

Wearing pleats (especially long pleat skirts) can be very complicated to wear and might give you the feeling of not being sexy in your dress. I can’t remember the last time I rocked a pleat skirt and felt really good in it but thanks to Ranti Blanchard post on Instagram, she made the peach- pleat- long skirt, fun, flirty and nice!. I decided to get me some peach-pleat long skirt and rocked it my way. While Ranti rocked hers with a grey long sleeve, I rocked mine with a white lace long sleeves, I also made a tye-die clutch bag which I would share how I made it later on the blog...how would you rock yours ladies?

Btw..I have to admit that I’m still shy taking pictures by the walkway or anywhere else in the world!.(help somebody)


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Ranti Blanchard
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Ranti Blanchard
Ranti Blanchard

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