Styling My Ankara Skirt + Doing The Big Chop & My Comeback!

I took a break from fashion blogging/writing, I wanted to learn more about the digital landscape and now, I'm back and better than before...

I Mixed My African Print Fabric And I Loved It!

Mixing African prints or Ankara prints as you may know it has been my pastime. Like I blogged earlier last week about tips on mixing prints, I followed the principles and guess what I got the perfect combo! My Ankara jacket has similar colour with my shorts so, I decided to match it with my … Continue reading I Mixed My African Print Fabric And I Loved It!

How To Mix Ankara Prints So Easily!

Mixing Ankara prints is something I have come to love. Although many are still trying to get it right, I can say reluctantly that it's that easy to mix Ankara prints. To get it right, here are few ideas to consider; Consider the colours before you match. E.g. If you have a blue themed Ankara … Continue reading How To Mix Ankara Prints So Easily!


Happy Easter Holidays!! How is the hols coming along for ya??--I'm excited!! So..some few years back I traveled to Accra,Ghana (in West Africa) and I had the opportunity to visit their local market (Mokola) which was so much fun and I thought it best to shop for Ghanaian prints. Well, I was inspired by the meaning of … Continue reading EASTER INSPIRED!