Accessory: Retro Casio Watch WR10M & Casio Gents Digital Sports Watch for N2,500 At Obalende Market!

casio watch

Enough said about retro shirts, retro shoes, bags what about other accessories like watches?

If you read my article about my summer gifts which included a Jessica Carlye watch (which I lost while hustling for a bus to the office), it made me go back to my Casio silver watch. Then again I had to buy another Casio but of course thrifting!

Watches may not really be in trend the way clothes, shoes and bags are but it’s an important accessory that needs to be carried around. If you notice quite well, people of class and style wear Casio- FACT!

I personally can’t do without a watch, it makes my wrist feel NAKED!

The retro watch making a huge comeback is the CASIO watch and I have been obsessed for 3 years. Although Daniel Wellington wrist watch wanted to take over but Casio has some qualities I rather stick to.

Some retro watches you must have known while growing up are;

  2. G-SHOCK

At least I’m that old to remember

Things you don’t know about Casio Watches:

  1. G-Shock is a line of watches manufactured by Casio, designed to resist mechanical shock and vibration. Its full form is Gravitational Shock
  2. Even Baby G watches are made by Casio companies
  3. Other Casio products are; cash registers, hand terminals, projectors, pianos, digital cameras and label printers.
  4. The Casio batteries last up to 10years (ah..long enough to meet my first child)
Casio watch
Casio watches (WR10m and Casio Gents)

I went online for a new Casio watch as a “big girl” that I am, only to find out that that one-time “mallam watch” of a Casio watch price ranges from N6,500- N35,000 !. Nooo…I wasn’t  having it and neither was my bank account at the moment. I resolved thrifting and found two Casio retro watches I’m gonna keep rocking for life! 

I found the Casio WR10M and the Casio Gents’ Digital Sports Watch (black) which in total costs N2,500 (uhuh…say that again) when I could have spent N18,500 altogether! (Lucky me)


casio wr10m

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casio gents

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Find out prices of Casio watches here!

Place I bought it: Obalende (Under Bridge)

What other retro watches did I not mention, Pls share in the comment section. Let’s make this a 90s kids affair!


Xoxo, till Tuesday for a fresh new post!

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Stripes X Retro Skirt Post (#OOTD: Styling Stripes On A Retro Floral SKirt!)

Yaba Market Haul (Yaba Market Haul: N7,000 Tough Leather Bags!)



#Tuesdayshoesday: My White Mountain Block Heeled Shoes Are To Die For!

Call me “Miss-stacking-up-good shoes” I might just nod a little bit! LOL!

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I’m currently listening to CHER- DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE!

There are some shoe brands you just don’t know they exist which are pretty good in quality as well. Momma gifted me these blocked heels and I couldn’t be any happier! I fell in love instantly.

I have always been the jelly, brogue, boots and footwear kinda chic but recently I needed to look a bit more mature/girly and some height needs to be added to my 5ft 3inches length as a human.

“I’m down to earth like that..lmfao! Sometimes when I dress up and complete my look with jellies or brogues I just had that feeling of ” I look like I’m still in uni”. Heels have a way of making you look older, more girly if I should say, so I decided to try out these White Mountain block heels and from the look of things it’s gonna be around for a long while!

Did you ever feel like wearing brogues, footwear, jellies made you feel less “mature” in look?




Shoe brand: White Mountains

#shadesofblue: How I Styled My Double Slit Palazzo Pants!!

No this time I didn’t go thrifting!

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Palazzo! Palazzo! Palazzo! it has been on my must-have outfit before 2017 runs out and I’m glad I have it and I’m definitely making more palazzo pants.

I have always wanted to have the double slit palazzo pants and voila! it showed up as a gift already tailored by a friend! Aren’t I just so lucky? 

I’m really gushing over these pants because you know it’s comfortable, easy to yank in and out. 

But what is fashion without comfort really?IMG_20171006_110843[1]

 Remember this cold shoulder ruffle top I wore in August when touring LCC? (read here) I had to do a quick match but first I was caught in between styling it on a shirt or top but I had none (can you even believe I only have two shirts?). I basically came up with this perfect look with what I had in the wardrobe and I loved the outcome!



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Outfit details

Top: cold shoulder ruffle top (gifted)

Pants: Double slit palazzo pants

Shoes: Mules



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Skin for days!!


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Do you think I slayed it??

OMG!!! I bought This H&M Neon Green 4 Inches Heels For N1000 ($2.79)!!


Happy Independence day people!! (In Nigeria).

I’m literally swooning right now over my 4 inches heels!! I mean it when I say  I bought it for N1000 ($2.78) while going home one night from work.

You can buy the best things on impulse (one thing I’m grateful for impulse buying) in Nigerian markets especially evening time.

You can read up about my bag haul in Yaba here (Yaba Market Haul: N7,000 Tough Leather Bags

I bought these brand new heels at Oshodi Oke one evening. I actually staggered there. It’s close to KWIK BET. That’s where the man places his weird shoes on the floor!


When I got there I was attracted by the price but I did not expect to see these brand new heels!! Like omggggg….i grabbed them like there isn’t going to be tomorrow! He was even pressurizing me to buy the shoes because his “customers” don’t like the colour and haven’t bought it since he came to sell. (chineke meee….)

In my mind I was stuttering (who doesn’t want a neon green heels) and the shoes are in perfect condition, quite new. You can confirm from the picture. I couldn’t believe my eyes…no I didn’t even haggle on the price. I slipped the 1k note and dashed out for good!




One thing I really appreciate impulse buying is, you get the best deals but would you always have the money and the time?

P.S. I went for another “alaroro” shoe shopping but couldn’t find the man. I will always be on the look out and if I find him again i’m getting those digits!!


Have you both an amazing deal on impulse and how much?

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#OOTD: Styling Stripes On A Retro Floral SKirt!

Styling this retro floral skirt for me was a win!

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At first, I couldn’t decide what to wear with the skirt. The first colour that popped in my head was white, i switched to black, then red till I was finally confused about my outfit choice. But then again I searched a bit further till I discovered my 3year old stripe top laying helplessly at the bottom of my box in my shrine. ..LOL (nickname my mom gave my wardrobe)Processed with VSCO with  preset

Yes, is it just only me but I tend to carefully arrange my clothes and then in a second I tumble everything upside down, side to side, middle to bottom and diagonally just to look for an appropriate outfit…(ehen naw, as per blogger, you want to match that outfit well!)

I took the stripe top and matched it with the retro skirt and voila! It made absolute sense!! I couldn’t drop it down for a second and everything was perfect!!

P.S. I got my retro skirt for N300 2years ago in my final year!21820016_289862554827155_4769317301080031232_n

There are other ways to style floral skirts too like mixing polka dots, dog tooth/houndstooth, check and sometimes gingham. The key point here is the colour! make sure that the stripes you are matching with the floral print skirt have a particular colour in common.

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Lately, I have been listening to Alessia Cara: The one that sings about Being Beautiful!


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I wore this retro skirt sometime ago. Click here OOTD: White Lace Top x Retro Skirt


Stripe top: Primark

Skirt: Yaba Thrift (N300)

Shoes: White Mountains

Smile: Real smiles from my heart..LOL!

If you enjoyed this post or have styled your floral print pants/skirts in a “mad way”, pls, drop your comments, share and like!

LOve You!!


I want These Delpozo RTW SS18 Pieces In My Wardrobe!

I must say The Delpozo RTW SS18 collection messed up my mind! I want those pieces in my wardrobe ASAP!

There were other amazing designs from the collection which I enjoyed zooming very much. I loved Oscar De La Ranta’s fusion of trends from graphic tees, dresses, colourful tulles, sequins etc, Carolina Herrera collection was amaZING as well, the polka dot designs, the colours and texture gave me a totally different perspective of my style.

I must confess that Delpozo’s collection blew me totally! Yes! especially with the androgynous trends, fusion of pastels with white, the ruffles, the well-tailored pants got me thinking I should cop the designs into my wardrobe already.

I got a hold of some of the styles I particularly admired and possibly recreate them in my own form. I’m hoping to have these pieces soon in my wardrobe!

Unboxing My Summer Gift Box Got Me “Shook”

Summer is literally oveerr but I can say that I had a taste of it! *winks*

Since I could not ‘travel to the abroad” for summer, the abroad came to me in a box of gift! Thankful to the hands that blessed me with these gifts!

My box contained a brand new Jessica Carlyle watch, Baobab African necklace and of course “My Berry”perfume I never got to talk about. Well, without much ado about the gifts let’s unbox already! And I couldn’t stop taking pictures (flatlays).















Till next time!

Yaba Market Haul: N7,000 Tough Leather Bags!

Yes, I thrifted 3 lovely bags for N7,000 at the famous Yaba market!

It feels really good to be back especially after my phone was stolen! One of the things that got my mind off things was thrifting. Sounds weird but I went to Yaba market with the “sole aim” of buying a mom jeans but ended up thrifting three lovely bags!



I went for a cream-colored “laptop” bag for N2500, A mini animal purse for N2500 and a burgundy  Jack Danni minimal bag for N2000.

After sighting this three cuties and the texture, I couldn’t help but purchase them. I haven’t had big bags since Uni (2years now). It feels really good carrying authentic bags (as per real tough leather) which some fairly-used items have.

At least I guarantee these bags would last more than 3 years which is quite cheap if you calculate it *winks* I can’t wait to style these babies in my next post!

What to consider when going thrifting

  1. You must note that not all thrift items are worth buying regardless of the price. When thrifting at Yaba, the best time to go thrifting is evening time from 6pm prompt and keep your eyes to the ground.
  2. Don’t go to Yaba broke! Yes, you will make yourself feel bad after seeing good stuff to you would like to buy.
  3. When bargaining for a price make sure you start with a lower price you intended so that if you have to increase it, you would stay at a price you can afford instead of going higher.
  4. Be careful of thieves!
  5. You are going to get persuasions from Yaba men (sellers) which can make you go crazy but don’t, smile and calmly refuse.IMG_20170911_084239_161[1]

Trafaluc UK Shoulder bag (Cream colour)

Price: N2500

Original Price: $13




Jack Danni Classic Leather Handbag.

Original Price: N6480 or $18

Thrifted Price: N2000



Touring My Own City!- The Lekki Conservation Centre!! (Part 1)

Finally, I toured the Lekki Conservation Centre today!!

I have heard lots of amazing things about this place from Youtube reviews to blogposts to The Social Prefect (Chiamaka Obuekwe) touring couples, young students etc. I decided to go on my own.

P.S: This blogpost is gonna be loooong but interesting (look on the bright side jare!).

Sounds daring right? Yes, I dared myself and I’m glad I don’t regret one bit of it! I have been planning this trip for weeks but one “something”keeps wrecking my plans. I made it to LCC today after CDS.

I live on the mainland and my CDS (Community Development Service) and PPA (Primary Place Of Assignment) is in Lekki so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I decided that every Wednesday will be for CDS and touring Lekki!


From CDS to a quick stop at LCC!
First, Let me take a selfie!


Since I have to shuttle between mainland and the Lekki Penninsula, there is no sense in Uber-ing/ Taxify-ing my way down (except if Mr. Otedola is my godfather).LOL..and I don’t have a car so, #teamcommercialbus road trip!

From the mainland (Close to MMIA i.e Muritala Mohammed Airport Road) down to Chevron B/stop, it cost me N450 (Nigerian currency). A total of N900 for budget, although I spent N750. Yours could be lesser or higher depending on the area you live in.

I made sure I was well fed at home before hopping out to avoid lush food expenses (because Lekki restaurants can dig a fat hole in your pocket). On getting there, I got to the information centre where I was briefed about LCC and pay N2,000 (N1,000 for the longest canopy walk in Africa and the other N1,000 for entrance). If you came with your camera you would pay extra N1,000 for taking pictures ( I think it’s ridiculous though) but sneak it in if you have too!




LCC surprisingly has been around for almost 27years! As the name implies, it’s a “Conservation Centre” for preserving natural habitats from trees to animals such as monkeys, alligators, peacocks, birds, etc. Some people saw a black snake too!

You can have your birthday party, picnics, outdoor barbeques etc so come with your cameras, phones, bumbags, strawhats, notepads etc.


You would see monkeys and peacocks, Tortoises, coming your way with all impunity! Yes, they feel like you have entered their territory and if you distract the monkey with your fruit juices or whatever it is you are eating, they would come for you in groups so, watch out!

There is a restroom where you can change into anything, a restaurant where you can buy native foods, lemonade drinks and Orijin zero drinks etc.

 Apart from the canopy walk, there are bukka huts with thatched roof such as Igbo-Efon, Tukuru, Game grids Ludo Game Grids, Draft Grids, Chess Grids, Tilapia fish ponds, etc.

Making Enquiries at the Hut Before the Entrance, There you pay all the necessary fees before going in!
A quick stop at the restaurant! I got my Lemonade drink here and peppery plantain chips

I regret not climbing the tree house! 

I’m definitely coming to LCC again and this time with my girls! I went for the first time alone but it was worth it! In all A total of N3, 500 (If you are being economical enough) will take you to LCC from the mainland at least that should be about the same price with a Domino Pizza/ Debonairs Pizza!

A few pictures from LCC.

Sandals by:@wanshygirl
Fish Pond
According to folklore, tortoises are greedy but in real life MONKEYS are beyond greedy!
A girl gotta pose every time she finishes a phase of the canopy walk! LOL
The trees are amazing! Love this shade of blue from my hair to shorts!Those palm trees are way too big like an Iroko!

Watch out for Part 2 (I’d be loading more pictures) and narrating my canopy walk!

Till then! Please share this post another explorer might want to visit!!

Fashion: Let’s Take Some Time To Appreciate White Statement Tops!

Statement white tops are a must-have item in your wardrobe! A statement white top is not your basic top. It has a bit of “character” to it. Could be the details, puffy sleeves, buttons etc, but they ain’t basic!


I personally embraced the minimalist life way back in my teens but never really found a way to incorporate it into my own style. Having a white “anything” from shoes, clothes, bags etc is essential for every fashion forward individual.

Have you ever considered how sexy you look if you matched a statement white top on a denim? Even for the guys wearing white tops/shirts is a major turn on!It brings out that stylish persona in them.

One major reason why I’m looking forward to having a white statement top is the ease of styling. Match up with any accessory or colour and voila!, you are good to go! Always keep in mind that when styling a white statement top, less is more and simple is classic!

These ladies look SNATCHED!

pic via Instyle Magazine


Vickie O.
Celine Dion
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