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Ditch That Crap! Here Are 5 Reasons I Would Purchase A HeartDictions Planner!


I could put my words on replay! I need a Heartdictions Planner (2018). I wouldn’t have made such a decision if I didn’t try out the 2017 planner.

Growing up in a strict home has taught me some life-long lessons but there were lessons I discovered myself! My teenage years were full of “you need to manage your time”, “you need to multitask” and “give your younger ones work to do” (meaning division of labour).

Basically, I had a body clock and a brain to tell me “this is time for this or that” but never felt the need to write it down somewhere. Fast forward my adulting years, I grew up with that but still had some disorganisations pending in my life.

Not until I decided I wanted my life planned, wanted my goals met and be precise about certain things in life I made the decision to help me get an “organiser”. Sorry, but phone or google calendars aren’t really effective for me because even if I set an alarm and I’m still not done with my an activity, I still postpone it or ignore.


From the first page, you can tell it’s a planner that has seen better days. I used the life out of the planner and it definitely served me well! I usually put my signature on any book I buy so, there was my stamp on the top right.

Without much fuss, I chose the adire-inspired design of the hardcover planner, the most important reasons are the benefits which has helped me in deciding why I’m getting the 2018 Heartdicitons planner.


1: I got my activities written down in the dates: In January, I noticed there were a lot of activities in January I had to do so, I made a one-month “writing down of activities” and ticked each activity done for every day.

At the end of every month, there are weekly goals for the whole month to keep you going. Also, the monthly budget at the end of the month to help you keep track of how much you spent and saved.


What my January activities look like: I ticked the days I either forgot or didn’t do a major task.

2: Each month has an inspiring quote: Trust me, I look forward to each month, the words speak to me. There are challenging times I really needed motivational quotes and found those quite helpful. Some of my favourite quotes are; “the secret to getting ahead is getting started” (January quote). Trust me, I needed that push, January is a month to put in work and focus. Seeing that made me put some effort. “good things are going to happen“(November quote, “keep going” (July quote), “never stop believing” (September quote)

3: Evaluating my goals: At some point I needed to know how far I have gone with my goals those things I achieved this year and thank God for dates, I could remember the exact day it happened. Halfway through, the Heartdictions planner has a space to review your goals with the monthly and weekly pages.


June for me was a month I didn’t accomplish much. As clearly seen, I had to be at the NYSC camp and when I got back, I needed to plan myself on how to get a PPA, finance my transportation etc. So, there was a lot of thinking and errands to run without documentation.

2018 planner-thelazyoutfitter-heartdiction

Here’s a snippet of my February monthly overview. I marked some major goals in February, had some To Do investments etc.

4: I found the colouring pages therapeutic for me: Trust me, the last time I drew anything or coloured stuff was in primary school. I saw the colouring pages and I thought “whoa, what would I colour stars, lines, birds etc” not until last week Sunday I was in the car (back seat) and I got out real crayons to colour one of the most important months to me (May). It was a complicated Owl but as soon as I started colouring, I felt relieved and de-stressed. I was happy to bring life to the inanimate drawing! Honestly, it reminded me of my love for art and why I hadn’t gone to University of Lagos to study visual arts (much pained). I expect to see more art in the 2018 edition.



There are only 3 cons I have here, the price, weight and omitted month.

Price: The planner is about N5,000 plus N1,000 for delivery. In total N6000. I thought this was a bit costly because I checked other planners and they were reasonably N3,000-N4000. But then,the others has dates, TO DO lists that’s all. I didn’t really like the colours. But then HeartDictions planner has competitive advantage. It’s beautiful designs, the functions e.g budget review, weekly goals, monthly goals etc. The printed colours didn’t fade, it’s durable, the spiral binding is epic and all. Honestly, 6k kinda-sorta peppered me but I considered that the cost of printing was expensive indeed. I personally wanted to do a printing on a piece of cloth and the prices weren’t friendly. So, I can relate. But then again, if I could purchase a N6,000 shoes or clothe set for N12,000, I shouldn’t have my big mouth complaining about important things to help me through life.

Weight: Not much of a problem but anytime I carried my laptop bag to work, the weight of the planner didn’t help that much. I thought it was a bit heavy but if you want the book so contain all those fun, important things, why complain about it?

Omitted Month: Yea, some things were done manually about the planner . The month of October was omitted (mistakenly) and I wasn’t productive that month because by then, I was used to writing stuff out and marking schedule etc. I complained to the brand owner and she apologised sincerely for it and gave me an amazing discount pls FREE DELIVERY (let it sink). So, this alone is encouraging to close my eyes and get the 2018 planner. Talk about customer service, they scored a huge point!

I’m glad I bought the 2017 planner, I’m looking forward to the 2018 but I need to save some change for it. Latest by end of December or January, I’d purchase a new one. So, if you are looking for something productive to do, BUY A HEARTDICTION PLANNER. Save N1,000 every two weeks starting from now, before end of January, you would have saved enough to purchase one.

heartdictions planner

WHat the 2018 planner looks like!

Have you used a planner? What did you love about your planner? Let’s hear your ideas in the comment section!

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I Wore A Dinner Dress By Touch-By-Asoebigirl & I Loved It!

Hey guys,

It’s been a minute! Last weekend, I had to attend a Gospel album launch which was like a dinner event-red carpet and stuff.



If you know me too well, you would know I love to patronize #madeinnigeria brands. Some of the designers do an amazing job but they aren’t well known by the public. Touch By-Asoebigirl is a Nigerian womenswear brand that focuses on making unique, stylish outfits for women.

For the woman whose style is about class, sophistication & personality and of course- budget, Touch By Asoebi Girl is your one true choice. I can say that I confidently used one stone to kill two-beasts (literally, just keep reading to know

Flashback to a week before the event, I had zero idea on what to wear, I’m not a fan of “ready-made” Balogun wears trust me, you may find someone else wearing you dress-nobody steals my show!

The creative director was away to South Africa which got me panicking! I tried a few designers but they didn’t really satisfy me. I had to beckon on her because I scrolled through her IG page and loved what I saw.

 I wanted a simple but very sophisticated look but with a budget. My budget was from NGN 10,000- NGN 12,000. I also wanted the velvet and organza fabric together. How it will work out well was clearly not my business.

The Sketch

Click on the link to view the Touch By Asoebi Brand

Right there in South Africa, she sent me three different sketches- I picked one and fell absolutely in love with it. Fast forward three days to the event, my dress was ready! How I love my life-planned and working out well! I literally STOLE the event!





The Lazy Outfitter, How to-dinner-dress-velvet

Did I mention I accessorized my dress with an old perfume bottle? Yes, seriously!


I’m planning to buy a bigger perfume bottle for future purposes *winks* and I also plan to keep more perfume bottles for other DIY purposes.

Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos- Dinner-The Lazy Outfitter

I lodged at the Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos. That’s another story for another day! If you are familiar with the three buildings-it’s the 1004 storey buildings that are mainly for apartments. Islanders would know this place!

the velvet trend- The Lazy Outfitter

The pictures didn’t do justice to this dress but I promise to re-rock this piece and get a clearer picture plus angle!

Do you love my dress? Follow Touch by Asoebigirl for more classy and sophisticated plus budget-friendly dress.


There’s A Social Media Influencer Academy For Bloggers In Italy!

Hey guys,

As much as this news is quite exciting, my bank account hasn’t been smiling to afford a degree in Italy. Conde Nast just launched their digital academy in Italy called the Social Academy where digital influencers will get certified.


People don’t understand the underestimation by brands that fashion bloggers/fashion influencers face especially here in Nigeria. That is about to change! Fashion influencers, beauty influencers, digital influencers will now have a certificate like a normal profession. How cool is that?

According to WWD,  The main purpose of the initiative is to teach the correct way to use social media, which focuses on quality content and respect for ethical standards. These include being specific about advertised posts and managing the number of followers and likes with transparency. 

The school programmes begin in November and will be the first digital influencer school in Italy to offer such privileges to a new generation of bloggers or content creators.

I’m screaming with excitement!!

Feature: What Chimamanda Says About Fashion!

Hey guys,

Today this post isn’t going to be like the normal “how  I wore this” or “how I styled that” or “how I thrifted this”. I can’t possibly be the only interesting event going on in the fashion 

I love Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie so much. I want to express my thoughts wildly like her in writing and in fashion. She has a thing for Nigerian fashion and hence has been patronising a lot of Nigerian brands. 

chimamanda, thelazyoutfitter

See her slaying in the Nigerian brand (The Ladymaker) amongst many other clothes she rocks to the red carpet. When interviewed about her fashion and style she said a lot! Where you expecting any controversial statements? Well, she always speaks “Igbo proverbs” and always leaves an epistle…Did you even know she won best dressed in school?

I’d leave you to her epistle, please read!

My mother always dressed us well. Me in little girl dresses cinched at the waist, my brothers in suits and well-ironed shirts. To go out, she said, we had to di ka mmadu, which translates literally to look like a person. We spoke both Igbo and English at home, but she always said this in Igbo, the more poetic language, as though to validate with metaphor her belief in dressing well. There were frequent market visits to buy yards of fabric, trips to the tailor to be measured. But store-bought clothes — we called them ready-made — were the highlights, preferred partly because the sewing had no imperfections, and partly because tailors were cheap and ubiquitous, and so the less common became the more desirable. If my professor father traveled to Europe for a conference, I looked forward to dresses from abroad, and I loved them more fiercely for being foreign. My much-older sisters, Ijeoma and Uche, were stylish figures, one in medical school and the other studying pharmacy, and I spent my teenage years wearing their hand-me-downs. I remember a silver-coloured skirt suit from the conservative Ijeoma, with an elegantly adult peplum. I wore it to church at 15. And from the more inventive Uche, a fitted dress in cream jersey, two sashes draped in front, from shoulder to hip, crossing at the middle. And black harem trousers, with ruching that gathered at my calves, so strange that my classmates giggled when I wore them to a friend’s birthday party. I loved those clothes, incongruous though they might have been. In them, I felt free of self-consciousness, comfortable enough to laugh along to the well-meaning puzzlement of my peers.


ngozi adichie-thelazyoutfitter
Ngozi Chimamanda in Grey Projects


When I studied medicine for a year at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka I was voted Best Dressed Girl. A classmate said: “Congratulations, even though you wear some things that I don’t understand.” I laughed. Perhaps he meant the green crochet top and black bell-bottom trousers I had found in my mother’s old trunk from the 1960s. I was drawn to clothes that were slightly unusual, quietly quirky, as long as they never sank to the level of costume. If I had a style mantra it was to wear what I liked. Yet when I moved to the US to attend college, I began to wear clothes I disliked. My fiction was getting published, I was keen to be taken seriously, and I had noticed the backward treatment of women in western culture: women interested in clothes or make-up were labeled frivolous, their intelligence became suspect, and they risked being easily dismissed in intellectual circles. So I wore what I imagined would make me look worthy of seriousness. It took years, and success, before I began again to wear the clothes I truly wanted to wear. I gloried in buying ready-made clothing at American discount stores, and later when I could afford to, in department stores. I discovered online shopping. I browsed and ordered and returned.

ngozi ndichie-thelazy outfitter
She’s in Amarelis Atelier

Looking at Nigerian designs online became my favourite time-waster. Here was bliss: clothes cut to account for breasts, an ethos of clothing as pleasure rather than status, the casual presence of sleeves. I took screenshots of what I liked. My cousin Ogechukwu placed the orders. They were delivered to my Lagos home. If I happened to be in the US, they would be sent to me there. Some of the clothes I fell for as soon as I put them on. Others did not live up to their promise. There was an abundance of poor-quality zippers that needed changing. I discovered, above all else, that price is not an accurate gauge of quality and that there is far more talent than opportunity and infrastructure, a fact perhaps true of most industries in Nigeria. So far, my favourite brands are Fia Factory and Grey, the former beautifully offbeat, the latter timeless with deft touches of originality, both careful about fabric and finish. To a Diorfashion show in Paris, I wore a dress by Ladunni Lambo, a young designer who might well become a star because of her rare mix of consciousness and introspection. Her deconstructed dresses made from stiff aso-oke feel like exquisite armours. I thought I disliked sequins until I found a top by Wanger Ayu, with self-assured furry green sleeves and a silver-sequinned bodice. I wore it, with patterned trousers by Grey, to the New York Times’ “Times Talks” conversation series, and felt vainly pleased with the surprise of people who did not think the clothes were Nigerian.

Ngozi chimamanda Adichie

But my best-loved purchase is a white dress from the improbably named label She’s Deluxe, owned by a young woman in Abuja. A modern long-sleeved cotton shift with a sly cut-out at the shoulder, which I wore to the American Academy of Arts and Letters induction in New York. I recently ordered another dress from her. “Pay a deposit so I can go to the market and buy the fabric,” she told my cousin, which I found an endearing example of Nigerian striving. I decided to call it my Project Wear Nigerian and planned to have photos put up on my Facebook page, the only social media I have. But my 20-year-old twin nieces Chisom and Amaka, full of that terrifying millennial savoir-faire, laughed. “Aunty you should have an Instagram page,” Amaka said. “We’ll handle it for you.” They were unhappy with the first photos I took. Not bright or clear enough, they said. Their eyes are conditioned to the ersatz poses and stylised photos of social media, where people dress specifically to be photographed in well-lit spaces. Book events are not usually photo-friendly, too dark, too indifferent to optics. And it doesn’t help that I loathe being photographed. A camera before me results automatically in my being knotted with awkwardness: finger-twiddling, breath-holding, mouth-twisted, body off-kilter. Now, six months later, my nieces have made peace with the photos not being Instagram-perfect. “At least they’re real,” they said, as scant consolation. We have a routine: I have pictures taken at my events and I send them to my best friend Uju, my cousin Ogechukwu and my nieces. They make the selection, as I am known to have terrible taste in my own photos, and the photo is put up, with the brands’ Instagram handles. I have practical hopes for my project, that it shows Nigerian fashion as it is, not a museum of “traditional African” clothes but a vibrant and diverse industry, and that it brings recognition to the brands. But it is also a personal and political statement. At a time of political uncertainty, when I find myself questioning the future of the two countries I call home — Nigeria and the US — this project is an act of benign nationalism, a paean to peaceful self-sufficiency, a gesture towards what is still possible; it is my uncomplicated act for complicated times.

credit:kamdora, my fashion nationalism
How wouldn’t you love Chimamanda! I bet if she takes any chance at being a designer, she would nail it and be successful at it!

Do you think she is stylish after all? Well, let’s hear it in the comment section!

Fashion: My 2 Cents On This Balenciaga Triangle Bag!

balenciaga, thelazyoutfitter, bag trend 2017


Hey guys,

Here goes my first post for this month! I have been busy with a lot of activities from the Lagos Fashion Design Week and another fashion week tomorrow.

Anyways, just before the year runs out, I have been longing for Balenciaga as a whole. Though there has been a lot of critique about the Balenciaga products. People have their opinions about the logo which makes their product very expensive. Stuff like “remove the logo and the product would be as cheap as a thrift store product” check twitter for the most horrible comments.

Balenciaga’s new Creative Director -Demna Gvasalia is doing quite a good job if you want my opinion. From the time he re-invented his $1450 two-toned denim and making fashion icons purchase it, I though he must be good. He’s thinking out of the box! Well, that’s what fashion should be about you know, we have had square bags, rectangular bags, and all the bag shapes that have 4 sides. He thought about making trianular bags which of course, sold out or are elitist in nature.

I personally appreciate this bag and don’t mind purchasing it if I have a few dollars to spare. Love everything about the shape, the size and other features like the strap attached to it. Only quirky fashion babes would totally get this. If you love street style just like me, this is one bag trend you have to hop on!

Balenciaga Triangular Bag





Fashion: Summer To Fall Outfit Challenge In AUrate New York!

AUrate New York, is a company that offers contemporary yet timeless real gold jewelry made in NYC. Social impact drives what they do, so all of their jewelry is handmade in New York City from ethically sourced materials. No conflict minerals at all. They also give back to economically disadvantaged school children with each purchase of our jewelry.

They are currently running a  project which aims to highlight jewelry and how it can play into a “summer” and a “fall” outfit. Ever since I became acquainted with the jewelry company via Instagram, I fell in love with these pieces.

I particularly don’t love chunky accessory or try any harder to get all the accessory on my body but if there is the need, I’d use it anyways. Talk about cocktails, red carpets, meets and greets etc.

The feature of this jewelry is what I love about it! It’s simple, classic and timeless. I bet it’s only sophisticated people who can understand this principle. You don’t need to have 10 gold chains on your neck to look classy but a minimal, classy and sophisticated bracelet, rings or neck piece will do all that job.


I decided to pair up these pieces of jewelry and from summer time to Fall. Since Fall is almost over, here is your last-minute guide to translating your jewelry pieces from summer to Fall.

It’s that easy: For summer, I prefer lighter colours and cotton fabrics so I went with my cold-shoulder ruffle top and blue shorts. I completed my look with these minimalist but classy pieces of jewelry from Aurate company.


Aurate 2


This is a perfect gold earring I would love to put round one of my ears and I’m good to go!


For Fall, I went for an androgynous look. I used my fave Fall colours (Olive green top) matched it with my brogues and of course, my new found love AURATE NWE YORK!

Don’t you just love how elegant these pieces are and yet sophisticated?!

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Must Read: My Thoughts On the Book- 29, Single & Nigerian!

I wrote my thoughts down on Kamdora but I’m willing to share her because I can’t type twice. LOL

22221008_136009933697782_1241294446746664960_nTake a seat please, you are in for a rollercoaster ride!

When I first saw this book, 29, Single & Nigerian on Instagram I had a clear idea of what I was expecting from this book. Being a 20-something and living in Nigeria has its perks and definitely the scary parts.

29, Single & Nigerian gives a relatable experience of every “20-something” year old Nigerian woman. From her experiences, while growing up, her NYSC experience, her endless job hunt as a fresh graduate and her love life. As complicated as things got, Edikan rose to fame through her gory experience.

As a “20-something” year old, there are expectations from even the tiniest part of the society-Family about your life. While some have gone through these pressures and come out victorious others have let the pressures consume them.

Edikan Umana, is the main character in the book. Her life as a 29-year-old is full of battles from every step of her journey to freedom, independence, and self-acceptance. Edikan has been the “victim of circumstances” but she finds her way through it at every point in time.

When a 29-year-old writes “I wondered how I was going to pick up the pieces of my life. 29, unemployed, unmarried, homeless, no source of income and almost broke save for the money I had in my account..” you wonder how a woman got to such a stock up situation and to worsen it all in Lagos! the most unfriendliest environment.

Edikan being the second daughter of her parents has always been brilliant and strived for excellence in her studies. Like most poverty-stricken home, there are lots of circumstances from the inability of one’s parents to sponsor one’s education to poor feeding, lack of good friendship, prying eyes and ” yammerings” of neighbours. It doesn’t end there, if the poor situation of things continues, the parents are bound to “share” the children to other people who can take care of them.

This was Umoh (Edikan’s sister’s) situation but Edikan was the “sacrificial lamb. She felt strong enough to live with her Anty Agnes. Her decision to live with her changed her notion about boys, religion, relationship etc. 


I was definitely not going to skip this part! It is not expected that a 29-year-old isn’t married in a society like ours. There would be family pressures and general pressures from the society one lives in. One cannot escape the gossips, hardships, struggles of being single. Men would always want to take advantage of such women.

Edikan has not had the sweetest experiences when it came to love. She never met a man who didn’t want sex from her apart from Ifeanyi who wanted a relationship with her but she rejected him most of the times. Edikan was “raped” (refer to page 87) by Austin, was romantically involved with Nathan (a younger guy she met in camp), she was almost raped by Chuka (a “good Samaritan”), her virginity was taken by George and she “curved” Ifeanyi.

Her parents tried to betroth her to Ndufreke but In all of these, she came out strong thanks to her friend Bibi who had been her friend through the storms of life.


Bibi is an epitome of true friendship- a friend that is by your side through thick and thin. In Bibi, she found solace, strength, energy and motivation. She found a new strength to overcome her circumstances. Without the presence of BIbi, Edikan would probably not have gone this far.


There is always light at the end of the tunnel they say, Edikan’s journey had been bitter-sweet but this time it was going to be sweeter. The beam of hope shone when Ifeanyi (who she had always rejected) proposed that she made her diary into a book. First off, she learnt how to reconnect to God and started her journey afresh.

29, Single and Nigerian is a must read!!


Don’t allow the pressures from family to get you to marry hurriedly.

Even if you are VIRGIN even at 50, never be pressured to have sex, never be desperate. You alone should be comfortable in your decision to be a virgin and when it’s the right time you feel like being intimate, do it the right way (my opinion).

Everything will work out fine, just keep pushing!

As for rapists, men who take advantage of women, your punishment is coming sooner for you.

If opportunity doesn’t present itself, be the opportunity!


The author of the book remains anonymous but still widely read among people. 

Fashion Trend: This Off___White Strap Issa Must-Have For me!

off white strap/belt (

I can predict myself wearing this belt at the Lagos Fashion Design week/ The GTB Fashion Weekend!

The Off__White brand (run by Virgil Abloh) re-echoes freshness, contemporary retro with a touch of innovation, class and sporty vibes. At this point, I’m wearing everything this brand puts up (in my head of course). 

I’m jumping in on this trend yo!

From the just-concluded  New York Fashion Week, Off__White made a huge entrance with their boxy silhouettes, fashion-forward accessory and a whole lot of attitude to the game of fashion. Though many considered their collection “quite ugly”, Rihanna did change the status-quo rocking their boxy jean set and nude crop boxy top making the brand trend more than necessary weeks after fashion week!

For this brand is a new found respect and the straps (which are trending seriously) is a must-have!Fashion enthusiasts, fashion-forward men and women have found a cool way to wear this accessory. It’s even surprising that rich dogs of Beverly Hills rock this strap as a leash!

How it is styled by style enthusiasts.


Natalie Shoestova


Tosin Adegbite


Manny Okenye

For now, the belt costs about $280 (confirm here). Please, guys and ladies, I have started accepting Xmas gifts which include Off White belts or bag straps just incase you feel like gifting me with something special! Thanks in advance..LOL

Do you think you can rock this OFF WHITE Strap and it’s worth buying?


#Tuesdayshoesday: My White Mountain Block Heeled Shoes Are To Die For!

Call me “Miss-stacking-up-good shoes” I might just nod a little bit! LOL!

Processed with VSCO with  preset


I’m currently listening to CHER- DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE!

There are some shoe brands you just don’t know they exist which are pretty good in quality as well. Momma gifted me these blocked heels and I couldn’t be any happier! I fell in love instantly.

I have always been the jelly, brogue, boots and footwear kinda chic but recently I needed to look a bit more mature/girly and some height needs to be added to my 5ft 3inches length as a human.

“I’m down to earth like that..lmfao! Sometimes when I dress up and complete my look with jellies or brogues I just had that feeling of ” I look like I’m still in uni”. Heels have a way of making you look older, more girly if I should say, so I decided to try out these White Mountain block heels and from the look of things it’s gonna be around for a long while!

Did you ever feel like wearing brogues, footwear, jellies made you feel less “mature” in look?




Shoe brand: White Mountains

I want These Delpozo RTW SS18 Pieces In My Wardrobe!

I must say The Delpozo RTW SS18 collection messed up my mind! I want those pieces in my wardrobe ASAP!

There were other amazing designs from the collection which I enjoyed zooming very much. I loved Oscar De La Ranta’s fusion of trends from graphic tees, dresses, colourful tulles, sequins etc, Carolina Herrera collection was amaZING as well, the polka dot designs, the colours and texture gave me a totally different perspective of my style.

I must confess that Delpozo’s collection blew me totally! Yes! especially with the androgynous trends, fusion of pastels with white, the ruffles, the well-tailored pants got me thinking I should cop the designs into my wardrobe already.

I got a hold of some of the styles I particularly admired and possibly recreate them in my own form. I’m hoping to have these pieces soon in my wardrobe!