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Boyfriend Jeans

Happy Sunday folks! So I saw this post yea, and thought I should share with you. Boyfriend Jeans are “fun and comfortable” and are cool too. Not every time skinny jeans or slim fit, take a chill pill and try some BFJs you would definitely look “gorg”. Would you rock a BFJ? Yay or Nay?

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Trend Alert! Leopard Prints

Holla!! I trust your weekend has been good so far?, well guess what’s creeping into the fashion scene and would soon be roaring out loud real soon??….yes! you guessed right!’s the leopard print or animal print (whichever one you like to pick) that’s trending guys!

The most exciting thing about the leopard print is that it comes in various forms and can go with any color (provided you accessorize properly) and it feels really soft on the skin. I think leopard prints are good to go  for any season. Leopard prints can come in different forms; Body con gowns, high waist skirts, Jackets/blazers,shoes/pumps/sneakers, scarves, watches, bags/clutches, belts,slim fit pants , hair ruffles and neck-pieces.

You can wear leopard prints to work, school, dates,parties, beaches, etc. My favorite combo of leopard skin is neon+leopard skin + black. What’s yours? Here are some inspirations I gathered for ya….

animal print 1animal prints 11animal print 10animal print 9animal print 5animal print 7animal print 3animal print 2animal print 8animal print 6animal print 4

Style Glam: The “JLaw” cut-outs.

Helurr!!! (yes you!)  hope you have had a fabulous week so far and thanks for keeping up with my posts, been hell-busy lately and haven’t had the chance to post often (blogging challenges).

Btw…the golden globes as we already know held on Sunday (Jan 10) and I have been squinting my eyes to screen celebs who have stayed true to their style and Jennifer Lawrence (Jlaw) had my head nodding and literally saying “yes” to her dress.

Jlaw nails it when it comes to cut-outs and has remained true to her blonde, mild make-up and cut-out style. Jlaw’s dress was purr-fect! Her Christian Dior scarlet dress which is a combination of a crop top fused upon a dungaree-like gown and her Chopard jewelry was off the hook. Pheew! what a dress and one thing I love absolutely about Jlaw is, she goes easy wearing her accessories on her cut-outs. I would give some credit to Kate Hudson (your royal hotness) but Jlaw is my style glam for today! The Jlaw style is a cut-out, simple and super chic style and one to trend this year! (I’m predicting)..

See some of her red carpet looks ….


Designer: Christian Dior

Jewelry: Chopard

Event: Golden Globe 2016

jlaw 4


jlaw 6

jlaw 5

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Fave Looks From The Golden Globes 2016 Awards


Hey guys here is a quick post.
The Golden Globes 2016 held on Sunday January, 10th at the Beverly Hilton’s ball room; and it sure was a colorful and eventful show.

I decided to create a a list of  my Top 10 Looks From The Globes with deets on the outfits.

Please let me know if you agree with my choices.
Happy Reading!



Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) totally slayed in a marigold caped Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown paired with Jimmy Choo heels and a Judith Leiber clutch. Definitely an award winning outfit.


 Laverne Cox stunning in a high neck, all white, Elizabeth Kennedy gown.


Cookie (Taraji. P. Henson) stays fleeking in this white Stella McCartney dress and jewelry by Kim McDonald.


J. Law (Jennifer Lawrence) in a red Dior Haute Couture gown and of course, every girl’s best friend,sparkly Chopard diamonds.


Lady Gaga totally nailed it…

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Tips to look out for when shopping for a high waist skirt.

Hi y’ll!! hope you had a fab day and u totally slayed it in your various outfits. You know it’s a metropolitan city and you have to look your best.

High waist skirts are still trending but not really pronounced like the cullotes. To get that perfect high waist skirt I must applaud Kim Kardashian-West as the ultimate high-waist-skirt rocker of all times (she just knows how to slay in hws)…but don’t worry if you are pear, apple or carrot shaped. There’s a high waist skirt suitable for you!

I have few tips for you to keep in mind when shopping for a high waist skirt and they are as easy as spraying your perfumes..lols.

  1. Make sure the hws are well tailored, look at the sides of the skirts, flip them over for any mistakes or if the skirt has got enough space for adjustments.
  2. Know your waist size before shopping and when shopping for one, focus on the band of the skirt to make sure it’s tight and try it on to make sure the band grips you firmly on your midriffs.
  3. Keep in mind of the length. The beauty of a classic high waist skirt is the length. I recommend the knee-length high waist skirts.
  4. Make sure the slit at the back isn’t too high. It could tear up continuously if you miss a step and remember, the higher the slit the looser the hws would be. This would totally disfigure the shape of the skirt.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of  Kim K’s high waist skirt gallery.

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Fashion: 7 best Cullotes of 2015.

Welcome to metropolitan nativity and so this is my very first post and I dedicate to everyone true to their style and fashion lovers…Good to meet you! *hugs*shakes your hand*

Cullotes (wide legged pants) crept back into the fashion scene last year and I loved the way true fashionistas and celebrities rocked theirs. I love cullotes because it’s comfortable, free and fun to wear.I love the way it plays around your legs when you wear them and when it’s colourful too.

So, I made a list of my 7 best worn cullotes pants in 2015…do enjoy!


1. StylebyAda


Celebrity Sightings In New York City - February 16, 2015
3. Victoria Beckham (thefashionspot)


4. Rihanna (FashionPoliceNg)
5. Pulseng



7. Sapphire