22352151_142755879792925_6914888228344430592_nI see you have made it here! Holla! ndewo!

Welcome to The Lazy Outfitter Blog! I have always had a thing for fashion. My interests in fashion have come a long way from the days I spent as a kid in my mum’s shop figuring out how to make barbie clothes or play dress ups with them! (Did you try that when you were young?)

TLO started off as a way to express my personal style and documenting them, applying latest trends on my own terms and gradually expanded into adventures of shopping in local markets (thrift finds). I appreciate locally made fabrics/local brands for their creativity (they can’t be overlooked, can they?). I also put down other things that interest me in the area of fashion and lifestyle.

Here you would definitely find interesting posts, style inspiration and something new. New Blog Posts are on Tuesdays and Saturdays ( I promise to be consistent). If you want me to do a particular post or you want to suggest a post (I dropped my email address below or dm me)

21879768_132712580796307_6504291644064399360_nFor Collaboration/ Enquiries, Send an email: victoriaonuoha69@gmail.com

Find me on Instagram :@thelazyoutfitter    @thevickieo



Welcome onboard! xoxo!




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