Styling My Ankara Skirt + Doing The Big Chop & My Comeback!


What do most Nigerian bloggers have in common when it comes to prints? If you guessed Ankara prints then you are absolutely right!

In other news, this is my first post since I took a break last year from blogging. It was a bitter-sweet experience but very well worth it. Your baby girl definitely experienced growth in major areas of my career path (Tbh..that will be a special post for another day).

Let’s just say fashion blogging found me as at 2016. I had just finished Uni with a degree in Mass Communications but I wasn’t able to graduate because of a setback with a major course which I very well passed (Nigerian Universities suck at times!)

I literally knew nothing about fashion writing and most of what I learnt was on the job also, add passion to it and a growth mindset, I was running my blog and side by side writing fashion articles at that time.

I took a break majorly because I felt stuck writing fashion articles, no new knowledge was added and I needed to learn more about the digital space…I did, and still learning and applying myself.

Now that I’m back to writing and sharing my experiences with you, I hope you’d enjoy every article I put out’s put up with a lot of love.

My comeback was encouraged by some of my close friends, other bloggers who missed my articles and IG page and the constant need to keep creating and writing stuff because, in the space of 6months, mighty things have been happening online and I didn’t want to fade out!

I came back with a bang! Resurfaced with a big chop (yes, I threw out that big hair I had for 5 years) and back with more quality article. I’m happy I took the break because I can’t wait to share my knowledge and the exciting stuff i have in the box.

On styling my outfit, I matched my asymmetrical Ankara skirt with a cream body hugging top which turned out really cool. I paired it with a black fur heel and white bead bag which I thrifted at the nearest market.

I look forward to making more Ankara print outfits because I’m one of those women who have a ton, stare at them and be confused at the style to make with them. It all turns out well in the end.

Outfit Details:

Top: Mr. Price

Skirt: Custom floral Ankara asymmetrical skirt

Shoe: Brash TM

Bag: Thrifted beaded Bag

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