Ditch That Crap! Here Are 5 Reasons I Would Purchase A HeartDictions Planner!


I could put my words on replay! I need a Heartdictions Planner (2018). I wouldn’t have made such a decision if I didn’t try out the 2017 planner.

Growing up in a strict home has taught me some life-long lessons but there were lessons I discovered myself! My teenage years were full of “you need to manage your time”, “you need to multitask” and “give your younger ones work to do” (meaning division of labour).

Basically, I had a body clock and a brain to tell me “this is time for this or that” but never felt the need to write it down somewhere. Fast forward my adulting years, I grew up with that but still had some disorganisations pending in my life.

Not until I decided I wanted my life planned, wanted my goals met and be precise about certain things in life I made the decision to help me get an “organiser”. Sorry, but phone or google calendars aren’t really effective for me because even if I set an alarm and I’m still not done with my an activity, I still postpone it or ignore.


From the first page, you can tell it’s a planner that has seen better days. I used the life out of the planner and it definitely served me well! I usually put my signature on any book I buy so, there was my stamp on the top right.

Without much fuss, I chose the adire-inspired design of the hardcover planner, the most important reasons are the benefits which has helped me in deciding why I’m getting the 2018 Heartdicitons planner.


1: I got my activities written down in the dates: In January, I noticed there were a lot of activities in January I had to do so, I made a one-month “writing down of activities” and ticked each activity done for every day.

At the end of every month, there are weekly goals for the whole month to keep you going. Also, the monthly budget at the end of the month to help you keep track of how much you spent and saved.


What my January activities look like: I ticked the days I either forgot or didn’t do a major task.

2: Each month has an inspiring quote: Trust me, I look forward to each month, the words speak to me. There are challenging times I really needed motivational quotes and found those quite helpful. Some of my favourite quotes are; “the secret to getting ahead is getting started” (January quote). Trust me, I needed that push, January is a month to put in work and focus. Seeing that made me put some effort. “good things are going to happen“(November quote, “keep going” (July quote), “never stop believing” (September quote)

3: Evaluating my goals: At some point I needed to know how far I have gone with my goals those things I achieved this year and thank God for dates, I could remember the exact day it happened. Halfway through, the Heartdictions planner has a space to review your goals with the monthly and weekly pages.


June for me was a month I didn’t accomplish much. As clearly seen, I had to be at the NYSC camp and when I got back, I needed to plan myself on how to get a PPA, finance my transportation etc. So, there was a lot of thinking and errands to run without documentation.

2018 planner-thelazyoutfitter-heartdiction

Here’s a snippet of my February monthly overview. I marked some major goals in February, had some To Do investments etc.

4: I found the colouring pages therapeutic for me: Trust me, the last time I drew anything or coloured stuff was in primary school. I saw the colouring pages and I thought “whoa, what would I colour stars, lines, birds etc” not until last week Sunday I was in the car (back seat) and I got out real crayons to colour one of the most important months to me (May). It was a complicated Owl but as soon as I started colouring, I felt relieved and de-stressed. I was happy to bring life to the inanimate drawing! Honestly, it reminded me of my love for art and why I hadn’t gone to University of Lagos to study visual arts (much pained). I expect to see more art in the 2018 edition.



There are only 3 cons I have here, the price, weight and omitted month.

Price: The planner is about N5,000 plus N1,000 for delivery. In total N6000. I thought this was a bit costly because I checked other planners and they were reasonably N3,000-N4000. But then,the others has dates, TO DO lists that’s all. I didn’t really like the colours. But then HeartDictions planner has competitive advantage. It’s beautiful designs, the functions e.g budget review, weekly goals, monthly goals etc. The printed colours didn’t fade, it’s durable, the spiral binding is epic and all. Honestly, 6k kinda-sorta peppered me but I considered that the cost of printing was expensive indeed. I personally wanted to do a printing on a piece of cloth and the prices weren’t friendly. So, I can relate. But then again, if I could purchase a N6,000 shoes or clothe set for N12,000, I shouldn’t have my big mouth complaining about important things to help me through life.

Weight: Not much of a problem but anytime I carried my laptop bag to work, the weight of the planner didn’t help that much. I thought it was a bit heavy but if you want the book so contain all those fun, important things, why complain about it?

Omitted Month: Yea, some things were done manually about the planner . The month of October was omitted (mistakenly) and I wasn’t productive that month because by then, I was used to writing stuff out and marking schedule etc. I complained to the brand owner and she apologised sincerely for it and gave me an amazing discount pls FREE DELIVERY (let it sink). So, this alone is encouraging to close my eyes and get the 2018 planner. Talk about customer service, they scored a huge point!

I’m glad I bought the 2017 planner, I’m looking forward to the 2018 but I need to save some change for it. Latest by end of December or January, I’d purchase a new one. So, if you are looking for something productive to do, BUY A HEARTDICTION PLANNER. Save N1,000 every two weeks starting from now, before end of January, you would have saved enough to purchase one.

heartdictions planner

WHat the 2018 planner looks like!

Have you used a planner? What did you love about your planner? Let’s hear your ideas in the comment section!

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4 thoughts on “Ditch That Crap! Here Are 5 Reasons I Would Purchase A HeartDictions Planner!

  1. We are glad you enjoyed using your planner. Thank you for the review, 2018 planners are less bulky, and we promise no months will be ommited. P.s: our 2018 planner is 10k for the classic and 5k for the undated. We apologize for the increase but we know you will like the quality.
    Order via ig @heartdictions or website: http://www.Heartdictions.com


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