There’s A Social Media Influencer Academy For Bloggers In Italy!

Hey guys,

As much as this news is quite exciting, my bank account hasn’t been smiling to afford a degree in Italy. Conde Nast just launched their digital academy in Italy called the Social Academy where digital influencers will get certified.


People don’t understand the underestimation by brands that fashion bloggers/fashion influencers face especially here in Nigeria. That is about to change! Fashion influencers, beauty influencers, digital influencers will now have a certificate like a normal profession. How cool is that?

According to WWD,  The main purpose of the initiative is to teach the correct way to use social media, which focuses on quality content and respect for ethical standards. These include being specific about advertised posts and managing the number of followers and likes with transparency. 

The school programmes begin in November and will be the first digital influencer school in Italy to offer such privileges to a new generation of bloggers or content creators.

I’m screaming with excitement!!

One thought on “There’s A Social Media Influencer Academy For Bloggers In Italy!

  1. This is amazing. I lived in Italy for 10 years and I genuinely couldn’t picture a more perfect location for this new movement to take place. The future is looking exciting for bloggers 😆


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