Yaba Market Haul: N7,000 Tough Leather Bags!

Yes, I thrifted 3 lovely bags for N7,000 at the famous Yaba market!

It feels really good to be back especially after my phone was stolen! One of the things that got my mind off things was thrifting. Sounds weird but I went to Yaba market with the “sole aim” of buying a mom jeans but ended up thrifting three lovely bags!



I went for a cream-colored “laptop” bag for N2500, A mini animal purse for N2500 and a burgundy  Jack Danni minimal bag for N2000.

After sighting this three cuties and the texture, I couldn’t help but purchase them. I haven’t had big bags since Uni (2years now). It feels really good carrying authentic bags (as per real tough leather) which some fairly-used items have.

At least I guarantee these bags would last more than 3 years which is quite cheap if you calculate it *winks* I can’t wait to style these babies in my next post!

What to consider when going thrifting

  1. You must note that not all thrift items are worth buying regardless of the price. When thrifting at Yaba, the best time to go thrifting is evening time from 6pm prompt and keep your eyes to the ground.
  2. Don’t go to Yaba broke! Yes, you will make yourself feel bad after seeing good stuff to you would like to buy.
  3. When bargaining for a price make sure you start with a lower price you intended so that if you have to increase it, you would stay at a price you can afford instead of going higher.
  4. Be careful of thieves!
  5. You are going to get persuasions from Yaba men (sellers) which can make you go crazy but don’t, smile and calmly refuse.IMG_20170911_084239_161[1]

Trafaluc UK Shoulder bag (Cream colour)

Price: N2500

Original Price: $13




Jack Danni Classic Leather Handbag.

Original Price: N6480 or $18

Thrifted Price: N2000




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