Fashion: Let’s Take Some Time To Appreciate White Statement Tops!

Statement white tops are a must-have item in your wardrobe! A statement white top is not your basic top. It has a bit of “character” to it. Could be the details, puffy sleeves, buttons etc, but they ain’t basic!


I personally embraced the minimalist life way back in my teens but never really found a way to incorporate it into my own style. Having a white “anything” from shoes, clothes, bags etc is essential for every fashion forward individual.

Have you ever considered how sexy you look if you matched a statement white top on a denim? Even for the guys wearing white tops/shirts is a major turn on!It brings out that stylish persona in them.

One major reason why I’m looking forward to having a white statement top is the ease of styling. Match up with any accessory or colour and voila!, you are good to go! Always keep in mind that when styling a white statement top, less is more and simple is classic!

These ladies look SNATCHED!

pic via Instyle Magazine


Vickie O.
Celine Dion

One thought on “Fashion: Let’s Take Some Time To Appreciate White Statement Tops!

  1. I used to run away from anything white because you know it’s so high maintenance yet my service year changed my life now I have a couple of white tops in my wardrobe. A white statement top wouldn’t be a bad idea either. This isn’t bad for a return post 👌 👍


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