Cheat Code For Layering The Slip On Outfit!

There are lots of pyjamas trends out there but I’m more comfortable with the SLIP-ON velvet slip-on and satin slip-on. The trick to wearing a slip on is to understand the concept. For instance, your slip on strap has to be tiny, the slip on dress could be A-line or body con (but it should fit). 

You must understand that it has to be light-weight because you are layering it over another outfit. The slip on is best worn with a fitted tee, a dramatic sheer top or an over-sized tee depending on the way the slip fits on your body.

For a 90s look, your tee must be white, layer the slip-on on a slim-fit jean, nice eye accessory and a wavy hair cut. It’s okay to freestyle and make this look yours!

I rocked mine ona sheer turtle neck top and a burgundy fitted slip on. Check out my look!







Outfit Details

Top: Mr. Price Nigeria

Burgundy dress: Mr. Price Nigeria

Shoes: Ballet flats



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