Natural Hair Care: The KUI Handy Kit Ladies Should Have!

Natural hair ladies get in here! The KUI handy kit contains essential products that will do miracles to your hair. The products have been formulated to beautifully treat your natural hair with the aim of softening and growing your hair to give you that perfect finish. The KUI product is made in Nigeria a for all types of hair!

What’s in the KUI kit?

kui3The kit contains 4 essential products every natural hair needs. It has the MOISTURISING CONDITIONER, MOISTURISING CREAM, LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER MIST and the MOISTURiSING SHAMPOO.


The moisturizing shampoo is your best bet to take off dirt from the root of your hair to the tip of your hair. It is formulated to keep moisture in the hair even after washing, unlike other random products.whatsapp-image-2017-01-25-at-1-24-03-pm

The moisturizing conditioner: It’s the next product to apply on your hair after a good rinse from shampooing your hair. It’s best to apply the conditioner on the hair in sections and sealing with a shower cap for 15 minutes. This method allows the ingredients to penetrate into the hair properly.whatsapp-image-2017-01-25-at-1-23-56-pm

The moisturizing cream: You can use your moisturizing cream immediately after shampooing and conditioning. It prevents your hair from dehydrating. Once you apply your leave-in conditioner mist, you could add the moisturizing cream in a small quantity.
The leave-in conditioner mist: This is the last product you apply on your hair after the conditioner. It’s like a spree bottle which contains water and essential oils that help to lock in moisture.

whatsapp-image-2017-01-25-at-1-24-07-pmOn a scale of 10, I give the KUI product an 8! If you can’t afford a Shea Moisture product in this recession, your KUI product is your go-to product for a healthy, natural hair. One month’s result will definitely leave your hair in good condition, new length and healthy.

I got mine already!!




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