Street Style: Turbans And Addidas With Manny!

15875654_595705723946021_3845130112387252224_nIf you know me too well or you have been following my blog for some time now , you should know that I love Street Style, Retros and very minimal with my style! If you didn’t know, I’d say “drop that attitude honey”.

Street style is very experimental and whatever you do, “denim it up”. It may be a bit weird to those who don’t know (hahaha, of course) but I love it just because it’s a form of self-expression.It’s more like a personality thing!

Anyways, I looked up Manny Okenye and I’m just in love with his street style skills. Manny is a brand ambassador, model, and a street style enthusiast and I must endorse his skills! He most definitely is taking street style with the turban game of course to another level. Check out his looks!

14566804_1244847078938103_4615478921226354688_nLook 1

15875654_595705723946021_3845130112387252224_nLook 2

15875665_691985237645292_887267280449175552_nLook 3

16229136_1859944157614452_2668730564193812480_nLook 4


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