Style Ideas For The SLAY Festival!

The SLAY Festival is just days away! It’s an empowerment event for women to come meet other women in business, technology, fashion etc to network, empower each other. The SLAY festival is an acronym for She Leads Africa but everyone calls it SLAY FESTIVAL.

It will be the first in Nigeria and it’s going to be big, I won the ticket to this event to meet, network with women from other sectors, to listen to their stories and learn, Thanks to The Blogger Point AGENCY for giving me the opportunity to win the tickets.

I don’t know yet what my outfit is going to look like on the d-day but i’m sure that I’d slay! By the way I put up some graphics together to inspire anyone out here going for any festival, I think outfits for the festival should be comfortable (heels will not be needed) because you will be doing lots of talking, networking, penning down stuff and buying stuff as well.

Here are my outfit ideas for the SLAY FESTIVAL!

Outfit 1: For the androgynous chic. A bit of feminity, comfort and boldness. I opted for the monochrome look!


Outfit 2: For the edginess and comfort at the event. Best for networking when the heat is high!


Outfit 3:

Different outfits matched for your comfortability at the festival. The style is simple, classic and comfortable!


Make A Pick! Which chic are you?


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