Easy Peasy With Matching Pastel Colours!

img-20170105-wa0005Pastels are soft colours, basically connotes the beginning of summer or announcing the summer season. Pastels are light weighted- I mean they are friendly to the eyes when looked upon. The colours are; dusty blue, dusty lilac, dusty orange, mint, pale pink etc.

How I styled my denim shirt (faded) and a pastel pink pleat skirt.

I basically wanted a cool chic look by combining these two colours simply because the skirt is so cute! The colour is absolutely soft and the pleats were well defined.

I did a bit of DIY and cut off the pleat (to a midi sized skirt)  to give it this chic look. I decided to complete things up by rocking a matching jelly sandals to the look and accessorized with my layered choker.

Be fearless in matching two different pastel colours and remember to keep things minimal because less is more!

SO ladies, explore your creativity with matching pastels!img-20170105-wa0006




With Love,

Lazy outfitter!

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