Cheat Code For Staying Cozy For A Dry Season!



Dry seasons are characterized by dusty dry winds, haze, fallen leaves, hot weather, a bit cold, flu, flaky or crackly skin etc. But I found out a few cheat codes for staying cozy and warmed up during this season. They are; 

Processed with VSCO

I kinda had this type of look just imagine it with the pop socks!


  1. Have a cup of coffee!: Coffees are a great way to start the morning and a cup of coffee would get you warmed up and ready to take on the day!
  2. Dry weather essentials broken down to these staples;

Moisturizers: To lock in moisture on the skin and preventing it from cracking or flaking and of course, softens the skin.

Lip balm/Lip gloss: Prevents dry and flaky lips

Body oil: For that body glow!

Water: lots and lots of water for freshness.

Something Velvet and Denim: Velvet is the best fabric ( for me) this dry season because, it’s soft on the skin, it’s light and produces a little heat and just like cotton, it’s absorbent.

See how i rocked my knee-length panty hose/ pop socks to work. I simply folded it into a half socks kinda look to give it this cool vibe!

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If this cheat code was helpful pls share, someone who might need this tip might be following you and feel free to add up any item you feel would be needed so that others may learn from it. 

With Love, LO!

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