Blogging 101: Taking You Though My Blogging Journey Part 2.

You can check the first part of this post just in case you missed it (Click here). 

One of my best picture collages since I started blogging…

Other names that were instrumental to my blogging then were, Bamidele Michael (we would talk about different entertainment gist, I even put up my article on his gig ( Another guy, I wouldn’t forget in a haste is Lanre Akinpelu. I met Kemi Filani one of the famous entetainment bloggers at one of the organisations I interned with and Finally, I left entertainment blogging to the OGs because it was affecting my CGPA (I need to please papa with a First class)

I took a really long break and just about graduation, when the Instagram hype was too intense, I decided to upgrade my gadget, got addicted to IG and loved all the fashion stuff I saw on there and I thought of having my own blog name.


I’d say fashion bloggging picked me. My Area of specialisation was PR & ADVERTISING but guess what all the organisations I tried to intern with, didn’t give me a chance (Their loss). I grew up with the machines and needles and fabrics and I guessed it rubbed off on me. I’m quite artsy (got that from my original mama) and had a taste in my own choice of clothes. If my mum made me a dress with puffy sleeves (I’d rejected it). I wasn’t ungrateful but it’s that fashion thing going on…


bloggerMy very first fashion blogger influencer is  CASSANDRA IKEGBUNE. I met her at a film festival Lights Camera Action in my 400l and we just chatted a bit. I don’t know if she can remember. She gave me her card and I looked her up on IG and voila! my love for fashion blogging grew-Thanks Cassie.

You must have read the double doze post I had with WANSHYGIRL (Double Dose: All Black x Colour Pop). We had been colleagues at the uni and we only bonded well just few weeks to graduating. How I wish we bonded well before then, we would have blown in this blogging sturv.. She introduced me to Desola Mako whom I have been a loyal follower ever since. Dear Dee I wanted to tell you in person to be my blogger mentor, I still need to know some parole…I loved Desola’s style, as soon as I clicked follow, I knew i’d be addicted to that page, her pose, style, outfit just almost everything!

I followed some other bloggers Ranti Onayemi Blanchard Mirabel Osuji, Grace Alex, Princess Audu,Ada Oguntodu aka StylebyAda ( I still keep following more) and here I am, thanking these people!Words will not be enough to say how much they influenced me in this blogging game and see how far I have come. I could say I’m grateful to God I didn’t quite and I have done a good job so far. There’s still more to come and I’m still searching deeper because Bloggers are the next big thing in the business environment.

I know you would ask about my blog- The next post would be on how I finally settled for THE LAZY OUTFITTER as a permanent blog name. 


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