Review: BathKandy Gingerbread Cookie Scrub



Bath Kandy : Contents: Brown Sugar, Shea Butter, Fruit, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Aloe Vera, Fragrance, Preservation.

P.s: This post is sorta long and I give my sincerest opinion about products I review.

I love facials especially when it comes with the whole “natural package”. If you notice from my pictures the discolouration on my skin, my face is quite darker than my hands. I have used some products which made me even darker and left some permanent dark heads on my face.

So, it made me really cautious on what I put on my face, so natural or organic products are quite friendly to my ears but to be on the safer side, I tend to use it first on some parts (armpits) of my body before proceeding to the face (just to avoid any reaction or allergy).

I explained in the previous post how I got my Bathkandy Gingerbread Scrub (read here!). screenshot_2016-12-13-11-22-53

As usual I let my face dirty for like three days, no cleanser nothing. I took out the scrub, spread round my face for about 20mins. I must admit it has a pleasant smell, it felt like ginger candy and I was almost tempted to lick ’em up!

 I think for some reason, probably because of the ginger in it , it had a peppery feel to the face which was a bit uncomfortable but worth getting those dirts out though. After 20mins I rinsed out and my face was dry, clean surface and really smooth!



Personally, I have an oily face but I felt the scrub had enough oils to be added more in the face and but after applying it for a  while, my face was a bit oily but smooth. The ingredients didn’t state that Ginger was present in the scrub but the smell and peppery feel kinda gave it away. This may affect the way consumers buy the product because, most “natural” inclined consumers love to scrutinise the content of the product they use.

Overall, I’d say that I love the Bathkandy Gingerbread Scrub and maybe the oils should be cut down on or people who have oil-allergy should be indicated!

Me applying it on my face



TSide view, pls ignore my nails!



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