Hair: Crotchet Fro Is The In-Thing Now!

The Initial Crochet braid was this long till I was told to take it off!

Apart from the beauty of crochet braids in the past few months, the big twists, the curls and now the 4c Crochet braids.I’m open to trying out other types of crochet extension and the curly ones are catching my eyes! Now that exchange rate is high, I am definitely conscious about spending. 

Now that exchange rate is high, I am definitely conscious about spending. Here’s the big trick, If you buy an expensive top, matched with an affordable denim and a stylish (let’s say and oldie but good shoes and a bag) you would definitely look good! Just try it!


P.s This post is a bit long and read on to find out what I went through with my Afro hair at home.

My Afro Is A Crochet Braid!

Ever since I made my hair, I have been getting lots of questions as to if this is my real hair , well my real hair is almost as huge as my crochet 4c hair except for the edges (anyone knows any oil for hair growth?)

The reduced hair, how do you like my hair now? better or nah? Actually, I look like a CLOWN.

Details about my Crochet braid?

I bought a crochet braid 4c hair called Noble Gold which cost about #1,250 (x2) and I paid for services #1,800 ( I could actually do this myself) . All in total #5,300. It would have been cheap but I didn’t have much strength for bargaining and just because it’s Christmas period. I love the hair and would make it over and over again but the reception I got at home was quite unwelcoming. Everyone thought I was unattractive, bushy and I should “make my hair to attract young men”. I was given a refund to go make another hair.

I thought of black women going through stuff about their hair and I asked,” if this hair was my real hair would you ask me to take it off too?” I couldn’t believe there was so much to say about a hair that stands up (Black people hair) and irrespective of anyone’s opinion, I’d do this hair over and over again. I mean I’m not living in Europe, America or other countries that have an “opinion”about my Afro no matter how “bushy”it looked but what shocked me was the opinion of some family members. In the end I reduced it for it to be accepted at home. I feel like I really need my own space and I would get it!!!

 If you have faced any of these hair issues, pls, feel free to comment below and share this post!

img-20161213-wa0011img-20161213-wa0019img-20161213-wa0023Details about what I’m wearing would be in the next post! see ya!


One thought on “Hair: Crotchet Fro Is The In-Thing Now!”

  1. Wow! Babe so I’ve been deceived all these while 😂😂😂. I totally thought it was your hair ooo and I’ve been gushing over it. I actually like the initial length before you trimmed it. This natural hair thing is a new phenomena people are yet to embrace. My immediate family is cool with it (presently we are all naturals) and some of my extended family, but others just make the dumbest comments and I’m like 😲. Like someone once asked me if I didn’t have money to make hair because it was in twist outs and was apparently rough to said person and I’m like 😕😕
    Anyways point is people are slowly embracing the trend and it’s definitely going to take a while before it’s fully accepted especially by our “elders” but the point is I care less, it’s MY HAIR, I know why I’m on this journey, and if you feel I’m too broke to make new hair please send me some money. *drops mic*


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