These Hand Painted Denims Are The “IT!”

14693806_225179161229260_6430419014027051008_nStreet style has always fascinated me in many ways. I am one who is very artsy and all but these hand painted denims bring so much inspiration each time I see them. Here in Nigeria, a young designer (Dricky Stickman via Instagram @dricky_) debuted his hand painted denim at the Lagos Fashion Design Week in collaboration with the Fruche Official Brand.

I love every creative message on each denim. In fact, it brought back some childhood memories and so much fun inspirations running through my head.When it comes to street style, these hand painted denims have their street credibility. 

Check it out!


Picture Credibility via Instagram :Dricky Stickman (@dricky_)


2 thoughts on “These Hand Painted Denims Are The “IT!””

  1. Dricky is the shiiii I tell you and I love what he does. I’m not sure I can afford him rn so I’m definitely going to DIY my own denim. Yes! I’ll be painting my own denim. Watch out 😉


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