Accessory: Haute Signature Sunglasses I Got Myself

hs-5Recently, the sun has been “unbecoming”and I have been on the look out for sunglasses to wear back here in West Africa (Nigeria precisely). I needed something to fit the shape of my face and colour matters to me.

I picked an affordable accessory brand (Haute Signature) which fashion celebs like Akin Faminu, Cassie Daves among others have been patronising. I was at first in doubt of the colour that suited me best until I popped the question on Instagram for ideas. I picked the red one which came out really nice! Thanks Nimah Andre!

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3 thoughts on “Accessory: Haute Signature Sunglasses I Got Myself”

  1. Yea….haute signatures are very affordable, and they last long, I got a nerd glass early this year–it has fallen down,stepped on,mistakenly sat on…but yet it conquered,lol.
    I love the feel of the blog…#thumbsUp


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