African Print Turban Is High On Trend!


The Headwrap game is on and if you want to be on your A-game, you have to watch tonnes of vids and practise a bit more to be on top. I love African print because they are colourful, extends our culture and needs to be explored much more. Remember I did a turban post some time ago (read here)

I found Nadira (A YouTuber and Fashion blogger) who through her vid, shows how to tie an African print turban in five different ways!

Watch and learn!

Source: Nadira037 via Instagram

Other African print headgear


source: Instagram (@nanawax)


Credit: Furehx via Instagram


Credit: Instagram (@kristena_


Instagram :@alukmaakuchi
Instagram: @ikezayah
Instagram: findingpaola

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2 thoughts on “African Print Turban Is High On Trend!”

  1. I’m definitely loving the head wrap trend. I’m steady hunting for left over ankara in vibrant colors just because HEADWRAP.
    P. S- I’m catching up on posts on your blog hence the comments overload 😉


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