Comfortable And Chic In An African Print Bardot Dress.

20161202_13022820161202_130228The bardot top/dress trend is so here to stay. The best thing about it is the comfort and classy way it makes one look and feel. I got my second serious brand collaboration with an upcoming women’s brand Laitan Offical.

She made my bardot dress in just 6hrs. I love the bell sleeves of the dress which absolutely brings out the class in the dress. I styled my African print bardot dress with a nude jelly flat sandals and my holiday gift ( I got it myself), a sunnies from Haute Signature brand. Here’s my top look!




Thanks for reading, It’s time to share!


2 thoughts on “Comfortable And Chic In An African Print Bardot Dress.”

    1. Ore dear, you don’t have to be scared of wearing an off-shoulder. I especially have very strict upbringing. I was even shocked when nobody said anything about my dress.

      Off-the-shoulder is meant to show off your pretty shoulders. You should try them.

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