Jasmine Salahuddin Has Caught My Eyes With Her Retro-Centric Style!


Hello Jasmine, you look cool!

I have been having some style ideas lately but because of budget, I haven’t been able to post some of the ideas I have put together. My current situation about my style idea is incomplete. It’s either I have a slip-on dress and no white sneakers or I have a denim skirt with no white tee or fedora.


Btw, Ever since I stumbled across Jasmine Salahuddin on Instagram (here) I felt a kind of connection, we seem to have almost a similar style a bit of cool and retro. Jasmine is a fashion blogger and a student but she definitely has got some sense of style going!

I gathered some of my fave looks from her page. Take a look!14488284_729834873839129_2128939993555533824_n13704373_1552773445031469_1149959267_n14659362_341421306222015_2420707889455824896_n-115259059_168768280258567_4477571017455173632_n

I’m definitely putting together some of my style ideas and hopefully get more posts done. So help me God!



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