Styling A Purple Tux Blazer And A Little White Dress

The little white dress has become a thing for me and I love it as much as I love the little black dress. They basically do the same thing for me.

I decided to give my basic lwd a twist by layering a cardigan on it and complete my look with a ballet flat heel. A little white dress is classy and appropriate for any event. See how I styled myself.

P.s. There was no awesome pose. I just stood like a mannequin


Hello, there!




I just had a clean, minimal but classy look!


Have you visited my Instagram page?


It’s _afrodame (Instagram, kindly follow for updates and interesting feeds!)


I wasn’t even ready and the sun was way too hot!



Thanks for visiting!! Share with me how you would rock your tux cardigan in the comment box! toodles!







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