OOTD: White Lace Top x Retro Skirt


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I know I love the retro style but how I came about this look was easy as snapping your fingers. This look was in preparation of the LFDW (The Lagos Fashion Design Week 2016).With my natural hair I had been rocking for almost a month, I was a bit confused about what to wear.


I had an idea in mind that the fashion week would feature crazy, weird looking styles but majorly street style so, I went thrifting the retro skirt (because you find the best retro stuff when thrifting) comment if you agree!

I took a good look at the retro skirt and picked out a colour to match, rocked a Nigerian footwear brand, a hand-made tassel earring by Tope Crystal and my retro clear glasses. I had a camel lace blocked heels to complement my look to give a kind of class to it (don’t have the pic..cries*). 

20161026_085543 My photo shoot wall! hehehe

20161026_085945Hi there, where are my tassel earrings!

20161026_085529Caught in the act!

20161026_090401One Korean tennis cap I also thrift-ed!

20161026_090110 Smile for me baby!

20161026_090048Too cool for fashion week?

Any questions or suggestions? Hit the comment box! 

BTW. I’m wearing

Lace Top – Pep Stores

Retro skirt- thrift

Footwear- Gafa Footwear

Accessory- Tope Crystal

                                               Thanks For Stopping by, Do Share this post!




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