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Me day-dreaming about having #myhousehuntwahala solved!

Since hustle has doubled up as a Lagos-born and raised resident, I just got myself a new job on the Lekki-Penninsula area of Lagos! someone would start screaming now- babe, you are now a big girl,lucky you!

#MyHouseHuntWahala became vivid to me when I started wasting a huge percentage of my salary on transportation alone. As a working class lady, I’m supposed to be enjoying the mere fact that I see other beautiful parts of Lagos, buy trendy clothes (as per being a fashion blogger), shoes, perfumes, invest etc..my life just sucked one more time!

Since transportation was the bottle-neck of my expenses, I decided to squat with a colleague or friend or rent an apartment (at least that would be cheaper) but I would still pay rent either ways. You know you would be a liability if you don’t pay rent!

Another factor that triggered my having an apartment was the fact that I had to be completely independent of my parents (you see, living with your parents especially as a female could be nice but very distracting!). That is when they know that you need to bring your boyfriend home to settle bride price. I have indeed suffered..lol!

Is it the lateness to work, the struggle for private car transportation from Lekki to the mainland, the terrible body odour you get from sweaty passengers on a traffic-infested bridge,the fuel price hike and not hanging out with friends after work that has given me a heartache on the house hunt in Lagos?

What else have I not experienced that would make me not hop on sites like ToLet.com to help me with this house issue because those so-called house agents could be quite funny and not give you what you want. I have decided to end this house hunt journey once and for all so my life can make more sense with ToLet.Com. (click on the link to know how

Do you have a house hunt issue ladies, let’s hear it!

Processed with VSCO
Me, happy about #myhousehuntwahala solved by ToLet.com!

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