Crochet Braids: Big Braids Don’t Care!

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Day 1 banging my big braids!

Crochet braids have finally crept into the hair industry and they are very profitable to every naturalista! (I’m luvving it already!) . Crochets come in different forms from mambo twist (my next hairdo) *winks*, tiny crochet braids, big crochet braids, curly crochet braids (you heard me!) and a whole lot of crochets that I haven’t explored!

It’s really easy to make if you know how to crochet, then you would understand what I’m about to say!. Hollup!

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Do it yourself!

Crochet braids are less expensive compared to my obsessive short hair (as in weaves). It costs #1,200 (Nigerian currency) for a pack and I was able to use 2 packs. It only takes 30mins to make it. 

  1. Start by weaving your hair in cornrows and sew at the end.
  2. Cut out each twist and pass it through each row with the crochet pin.
  3. Knot the twist like you are knotting a rope 
  4. Repeat until it’s completed and viola! you are good to go!

P.S. I take care of my big braids by using my spree bottle (water + coconut oil+ shea butter). You can wash your hair and use a hand dryer if you are in a haste to make it dry easily.

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I play way too much!


Outfit Details.

Midi black dress

Animal print ballet flats

Glasses: Haute Signature


Are there some other things I didn’t write about the crotchet braids, please feel free to express yourself here and let’s hear it! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram page _afrodame

xoxo  Afrodame (thanks Shina)


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