Trends: Laid Back On Velvet x Vintage

2016-06-21 03.20.37 1-1.jpgHi guys! It’s a beautiful week and I trust yours is going well😉

A whole lot has been going on lately and I’m trying to find my inner strength *sighs*

I’m a big lover of oversized shirts and velvet so I thought I’d be really awesome to match my micro floral vintage shirt and velvet dress .

Velvets are a really cool way of bringing out your feminity. I love the coziness and softness that comes along with it. I decided to be bit “quirky”/ take a little risk by matching my good ‘ol brown stripes socks on it😉.

Do share your thoughts on it!

Processed with VSCO

2016-06-21 03.25.14 1.jpg

2016-06-21 03.29.24 1.jpg


I play too much!..My full cheeks tho😆




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