When a lady is on her “grind”, she knows her “onions”, she is BOSS-CHICK! I have never met Grace Alex (hoping to someday) but I have been following the fashion blogger,stylist and enterpreneur on Instagram for a while and I’m loving her every post!She is the brain and beauty behind the statement footwear-GAFA FOOTWEAR


If you follow me on Instagram, you would notice that I have been making so much noise and doing a lot of flat lay shot on this particular footwear and now, I feel at ease blogging about it!

The very first time Grace posted the Fringe Collection of her GAFA FOOTWEAR, I fell in love with it instantly (although there are two typesbut the one you see here, is my love!. I love the color-combo used in making the footwear and the authentic leather. 

The footwear has a dark brown color and the grey tassels which pronounced its beauty on the footwear and a black sole.The tassels add some vintage vibes to the look, yet modern and feminine. It’s hand made and paid detailed attention to the size, sewing and authenticity of the leather. It is no doubt that my GAFA footwear (coz..i have mine :p) will stand the test of time.

Gafa 3
Gafa Grey Tassels in the making..

Thank you Grace for being an inspiration for this post and keep proving that young women can be financially independent if they used their brains and gifted hands!!

gafa 2.jpg
My shoefie on my Gafa footwear..
Gafa 1
Flatlay shot of Gafa footwear..
Gafa 4
Grace rocking her Fringe footwear 
gafa 5
Another footwear from her collection.


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