I have been anticipating this post for a while now and it’s finally here!. Previously, I did a post on Dr. F.A.B and I mentioned he was into everything Fashion- from bespoke clothes, shoes, sandals, fez caps, men’s bags and even watches. So, I partnered with him on these exclusive pictures to showcase what he does.


I don’t know why med students are fashionable and they are really killing it here in the industry. Aren’t they supposed to be slicing people’s skin, recommending antibiotics or booking OR’s for a patient?

21st century doctors are even been more creative than ever, combining brains and creativity…very interesting isn’t it?  First, it was Akin Faminu I read about, Cassie Daves I follow on IG and dayuum!, these are on top of their fashion game and here’s  Dr. F.A.B.

Dr. F.A.B like I mentioned in my previous post about his style is a medical student and soon-to-be doctor is based in Ukraine but proudly a Nigerian and brings his creativity home.Oh..and guess what, He’s a model too!..We love!IMG_3755


Dr. F.A.B has a brand name-Marronne, a Fashion label that designs (bags & clothes) and he makes sandals and shoes too.


The white sandals are handmade and they are everything!


P.S..More pictures of his stuff are going to be released soon..anticipate! If you guys want to get featured on here holla at me on my Instagram page.. Let’s connect..


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