On Men’s Style & Fashion: Dr. F.A.B


Screenshot_2016-04-06-23-46-07-1Hi lovelies!!  The weekend bant is here coz it’s Thursday!! Hakuna Matata😆😆…

This week has been full of positive vibes and a lot of blogging challenges too -the no electricity, awesome heat and worst of all, network connection problems😢😢. Here is my very first feature on my blog and I’m hoping to do lots more! (coz it can’t always be about me you know…and I support young, creative and hustling men in the fashion business)

Next week is really going to be special on here and I will spill a bit of the secret..I would have a feature on fast rising first a Medical doctor then a designer and he has his tentacles into all things fashion from bespoke suits,blazers to sandals, bags, shoes, wristwatches (uhuh..you name it).Screenshot_2016-04-06-23-46-59-1

Dr. FAB is more into the urban-classy gentleman style mixed with a bit of street style which makes him a “pick-pick” here😊 and would be your favourite if you follow his Instagram page .

So..I think I have spilled some part of the bean already and anticipate the next feature where he will share with me on his brand and style. I love Dr. FAB’s sense of style because it’s a mix of street and urban touch for the young ,fun and fearless men! and yup! ladies you ain’t left out. We need more creatives on the street urban, classy style because W.O.T.S ( word on the street), this fashion is gonna be here for a long, long time to come..What’s your take on his style?



P .S: We love dapper guys!!😍 and you could holla at me if you want to be featured On Men’s Style & Fashion

Photo  Credit:Dr.Fab’s instagram’s page











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