Tips to look out for when shopping for a high waist skirt.

Hi y’ll!! hope you had a fab day and u totally slayed it in your various outfits. You know it’s a metropolitan city and you have to look your best.

High waist skirts are still trending but not really pronounced like the cullotes. To get that perfect high waist skirt I must applaud Kim Kardashian-West as the ultimate high-waist-skirt rocker of all times (she just knows how to slay in hws)…but don’t worry if you are pear, apple or carrot shaped. There’s a high waist skirt suitable for you!

I have few tips for you to keep in mind when shopping for a high waist skirt and they are as easy as spraying your perfumes..lols.

  1. Make sure the hws are well tailored, look at the sides of the skirts, flip them over for any mistakes or if the skirt has got enough space for adjustments.
  2. Know your waist size before shopping and when shopping for one, focus on the band of the skirt to make sure it’s tight and try it on to make sure the band grips you firmly on your midriffs.
  3. Keep in mind of the length. The beauty of a classic high waist skirt is the length. I recommend the knee-length high waist skirts.
  4. Make sure the slit at the back isn’t too high. It could tear up continuously if you miss a step and remember, the higher the slit the looser the hws would be. This would totally disfigure the shape of the skirt.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of  Kim K’s high waist skirt gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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